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Martensville Municipal Election 2020

by Shanine Sealey

JAMIE MARTENS SEEKS RE-ELECTIONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/jamie-martens.jpg

Martensville City Councillor Jamie Martens will officially be running for her third term, after already contributing eight years on City Council.

“I am more than honoured to be representing Martensville. I am driven to bring the voice forward of the citizens through Council. It is an amazing opportunity for involvement in providing guidance for the future and growth of our city. I am always interested in what the citizens have to say and always willing to work towards a solution. Together we can make our city one of the best places to live. Together is the key word. We are here as a voice for you,” Martens said.

In her time serving on Council, Martens noted that the moments that have stood out most is to see the incredible growth within Martensville; including the construction of two new schools, planning for the future recreation facility, the support of the provincial government on the waste water project and overpass, along with much more. “I also have to mention the incredible Council, as well as administration that we have, which works together for the best outcomes for the City.”

As for future plans that she would like to see for Martensville, Martens stated that she is still confident that the City will find a solution to the senior housing shortage that they have been working so diligently towards. “I would love to see more arts involvement for our City; be it arts symposiums, galleries, shows, drama and many more venues of expression.”

Martens will also be running for a position on the Board of Directors for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities this fall, which she stated, “Can be a new awareness for Martensville as a representative from Saskatchewan.”

MIKE COX SEEKS RE-ELECTIONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Mike-Cox.jpg

City Councillor Mike Cox has served Martensville for the past four years and is not done yet. Cox will be seeking re-election this fall and if elected is looking forward to serving another four years.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to work alongside the great people on this Council and with the great team at City Hall. I have also appreciated the opportunity to learn and grow as a member of Council and represent the people of our great community,” Cox said.

Cox added that this term feels like it went by quickly, so he would like to serve another term to see many of the decisions that were made throughout the past four years come to fruition.

In the past four years, Cox has appreciated having the chance to work alongside the Martensville Community Recreation Project to bring a new recreation facility to the City. “This amazing group of volunteers has worked hard over the years to raise funds through their annual fundraisers as well as raise awareness for this much needed facility in our community.”

One thing that Cox hopes to see if re-elected is increasing the number of senior housing and care facilities within Martensville. “Martensville is a relatively young community but we also know we have parents and grandparents who want to be close to their families or remain in their home community as they age. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t enough affordable seniors housing or care facilities in our community to meet the demand. Martensville seniors are having to make a choice to leave our community to find affordable housing or long-term care facilities. There has been work to address this lack of seniors housing this term looking at feasibility studies. The next step is finding a way to address this shortage of available housing and care facilities in our community.”

“I appreciate the support of our community over the past four years and hope to be able to continue to serve in this role for the next four. Make sure to vote on November 9th.”

DEBBIE McGUIRE SEEKS RE-ELECTIONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Debbie-McGuire.jpg

Debbie McGuire decided to run for Martensville City Council four years ago because she loved the City that she has called home since 1980. After serving this past term, the experience has inspired her to once again run, in hopes of serving her community for another four-year term.

“I love Martensville and I am passionate about this City. I have learned a lot over the past four years and there are still many things that I would like to work towards, with additional senior housing being a main focus for me,” McGuire said.
McGuire added that she has enjoyed seeing first-hand the growth that Martensville has experienced over the past four years; including the recent announcement of a location for a new recreational facility; and is excited to look ahead to the future.

When it comes to what she would like to see accomplished for the next Council term, McGuire stated that senior housing is a main focus for her, and a big part of her reason for running for Council a second time. “I would also like to see more beautification within the community and more activities for our youth. Honestly, I just really care about Martensville, that’s the bottom line. I want to be a part of this community, and be a voice for the people living here.”

Another topic that McGuire touched on was regarding expanding our business sector within Martensville. “I think we need to grow that area so we can help take the tax burden off of residents.”

“I hope that people get out and vote to help voice their opinion. Also, make their questions and concerns heard. That’s what we as a Council are here for.”

DARREN MACDONALD SEEKS RE-ELECTIONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Darren-MacDonald.jpg

Darren MacDonald has served as a City Councillor for the past eight years and is looking to continue for another four year term on Council.

“I have lived my whole life in Martensville and it is not only the place I grew up, but it’s the place I am raising my children. When I first ran for Council it was because I thought Martensville was a great community, and I wanted to be a part of its continued improvement. Today, the same is true,” MacDonald said.

In the past four years, MacDonald added that there have been some very exciting milestones, which included the completion of the Kyle Syrenne Skatepark, the overpass on Highway 12 and the opening of two new schools within the community. “When I was first elected, overcrowding in the schools and access in and out of town were huge issues. To see these solved is a huge highlight of the past term.”

MacDonald is seeking re-election in hopes to continue to be a part of Martensville’s continued growth. “I have been fortunate to be involved in the start and completion of some great projects in our city over the past eight years. If given the chance, I would like to continue to be a part of the bright future Martensville has ahead.”

DEPUTY MAYOR TYSON CHILLOG SEEKS RE-ELECTIONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Tyson-Chillog.jpg

Deputy Mayor Tyson Chillog will be seeking re-election in this fall’s municipal election. Having been on Martensville City Council for the past thirteen years, Chillog states that, “Being on Council appeals to me in many ways, but being part of a team that shapes our future and providing direction in the way Martensville will look for our children is my intrinsic motivator. Our youth are choosing to call Martensville home, that in itself is something to celebrate.”

In his current term, which began in 2016, Chillog saw many changes take place within in the community that he is proud to have been a part of; including the Kyle Syrenne Skatepark, the street paving strategic plan, the P4G partnerships that have taken place, the Kinsmen Park Master Plan, senior housing progress, baseball diamonds, the upcoming pump track by the skatepark and the work that has been done to help bring a new recreation facility to Martensville.

As for what the future holds, Chillog noted that, “We are currently living in uncertain times. These times require Council to remain fiscally responsible. The next four years will be unpredictable, but we know that the level of service must remain, and sound economic decisions must be made.”

BOB BLACKWELL NOT SEEKING RE-ELECTIONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Bob-Blackwell.jpg

Martensville City Councillor Bob Blackwell will not be seeking re-election this term due to medical complications that he has been struggling with for the past two years.

Blackwell served two terms as a City Councillor, where he was involved in many committees, including the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth Regional Plan (P4G), where he was a member of the Regional Oversight Committee (ROC) along with other members from Saskatoon, Martensville, Osler, Warman and the Rural Municipality of Corman Park.

“I served on the ROC Committee for P4G for the past seven years. It was great to see all five community members bring forth ideas that would benefit the area as a whole,” Blackwell stated.

Blackwell continued to note that the joint meeting that took place on September 24th was a historic day for P4G. “The meeting comprised of all councillors from all members with the purpose of passing the Official Community Plan. It was passed unanimously.”

During his two terms as City Councillor, Blackwell was honoured to be a part of the overpass construction on Highway 12. “The overpass has made such a difference for traffic flow during the morning and evening rush hours. With the new recreation facility being built on the west side of the freeway, a pedestrian walk will be necessary. This will not be cheap,” Blackwell stated.

As some parting words as he enters the final month of his time as a City Councillor, Blackwell reminded motorists within Martensville to be careful out there. “I hope everyone slows down and respects the posted speed limits. Our community has a lot of youth and sometimes, they just don’t look.”

Thank you to Bob Blackwell for his years of service to the community. We wish you all of the best in the future.


KEITH MURRAYhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Keith-Murray.jpg

A new candidate in the running for Martensville City Council this year is Keith Murray, who has been a resident of Martensville for the past 14 years. Murray first moved to Martensville to be a part of the growth and decided that it was time to run so he could potentially be involved in the decision making process in the community that he has chosen to raise his family.

Seeing that there are many current projects in the works, Murray stated that he would be excited to be a part of the development for these projects if elected. Some of the items listed included the new recreation facility and the need for more senior housing in the community. “I want to continue to encourage employment growth and small business development in the community and surrounding area. I realize there are many ongoing current issues, so at the moment, I would rather work hands-on with those areas rather than create additional projects.

Currently, Murray works within real estate and property management, which he stated gives him an overall advantage and understanding of the housing market, growth and development in communities. His experience has also given him experience when dealing with budgeting, forecasting and all components of financial statement.

If elected, this would not be Murray’s first time being involved within the community, as he has has spent many years working with service groups and sports associations within Martensville, such as Lutheran Daycare, IHMP Church and coaching his kids sports teams.

“I feel the next step for me is to reach out and be a bigger part of the community by working with Council, the Mayor and City overall.”

TRAVIS SORENSONhttps://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Travis-Sorenson.jpg

Travis Sorenson has been a resident of Martensville for the past 13 years, and decided to run for City Council because he is a big believer in the motto, “If you want change, or you see something wrong, be the one to fix it.” Sorenson added that he would prefer to take a proactive approach instead of sitting back and criticizing.

Having served as a Town Councillor in Cut Knife, SK, where he also served as a volunteer firefighter, Sorenson states that this experience allowed him to see firsthand what it takes to run a community. “I won’t promise 0% tax increases, or reductions in utility rates, as those are unattainable pipe dreams. The key is to try to keep the increases as low as possible, as inflation rates are constant and unfortunately that causes for increases in costs in labour/goods, etc. Otherwise cuts to infrastructure maintenance and programs/services are needed to balance the budget.”

As a single father to two children, Sorenson has been involved in youth sport over the years and stated that he sees a lot of potential in the children that he has coached and would like to set up this community for their futures.

Sorenson has decided to run for a position on City Council to work on items that he believes need improvement. Some of the items mentioned by Sorenson included; a lack of water lines through the 9th Street industrial area, a lack of opportunities and unnecessary roadblocks for business growth as well as prospective businesses moving into the community.

“I would like to see more partnerships with Warman, rather than Saskatoon. I would like to see a ‘twin city’ approach to future growth plans; plans that promote independence, instead of dependency when it relates to Saskatoon. We need to look at ways to become a self-sufficient community. I see us being built in the mold of Saskatoon, but not in the mold of Martensville. We are a special and unique community and that is why people live here. ”

Additionally, Sorenson stated that he would like to see more local businesses used for infrastructure/maintenance projects and support businesses that in turn, support the community, adding that there is a “lack of transparency when it comes to why projects and permits are not granted, as well as the lack of transparency towards the selection process of tenders.”

“After talking to numerous people in the community, I have heard the same common phrase repeated; ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know around here.’ That needs to change immediately. Decisions should be made without bias or association.”


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