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Martensville Library Provides Opportunity for Local Youth to Learn About Sphero Robots

by Shanine Sealey

The Martensville Library hosted a Sphero Robotics program on Monday, October 22nd. The program is a registered program for kids 10-13 years of age.

Sphero Robots are round robots that can move, change colours and be programmed to do different things. Kids participating in the program worked in teams and learned how to use an app on an iPad to control the robots. “The app can also be used to make the programs with simple codes to direct the robot to do different things. At our program, the kids learn how to drive the Sphero Robot and change its colours. After everyone has a chance to learn how to move them, the kids make an obstacle course out of recycled materials and race the robots,” Martensville Librarian Marla Skomar explained.

Bringing the Sphero Robots in are part of the library’s initiative to have Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programming into the community. “The Martensville Library is able to have access to the robots from programming kits provided by the Wheatland Regional Library head office. We are able to book the kits for programs in our branch and present them to our community,” Skomar said. Wheatland Regional Library also has program kits for Cubelets, Ozobots and Hydraulic Builders that the Martensville Library uses for their programming.

For more information about the upcoming programs, visit ‘Martensville Library’ on Facebook, see the Martensville Library pages in the City of Martensville Recreation Guides (Winter Program Guide will be available the first week of December) or stop in at the Library to pick up information handouts.

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