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Martensville High School Hosting Virtual Wellness Event

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville High School will be hosting a Virtual Wellness event, taking place beginning February 15th and running until March 1st. The purpose of this event is to encourage students and their families to set aside some time for fun and work on their mental wellness and physical health.

In the past, MHS has held other events to educate students, their families and the community about mental health; including bringing in professionals who specialize in challenging youth issues to come speak with student and parent groups.

“Mental wellbeing is something that MHS is consistently working on within the community. We recognize that it is not only important about what mental wellness is, but also what are some practical things to have in place so that community members feel empowered to have impact on their own mental wellness,” MHS Vice Principal Neda Wilson said. “Being able to have conversations about mental wellness and modelling effective mental wellness practices also helps reduce the stigma when talking about mental health issues and challenges as well,” Wilson added.

For this event, the MHS School Community Council, which is made up of parents, students and MHS staff, decided that a focus on overall wellness would be a good idea, especially because of the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on their school community.

“Recently we were discussing how important health and wellness is, especially during a time when it is difficult to access support systems as we work to stay apart from one another to honour the public safety guidelines. We came up with the idea of this virtual event to inspire people to connect remotely together to focus on some health, wellness and self-care.”

“The MHS SCC’s main goal is to be looking at ways to help parents of MHS students, so we are always looking for ways to have families involved in school initiatives. Because we have limitations as to what the SCC is able to do as a group of volunteers, we aim to have one or two events per year that engages MHS families,” Wilson noted.

To participate in this event, people are encouraged to snap a picture and share it in order to be entered to win prizes. To enter, use #MHSRoyalsWellness on your social media platforms or submit a selfie to mhsscc@pssd.onmicrosoft.com.

Some ideas of activities include; drinking more water, stretching, increase weekly cardio activity, cook a meal for your family, maintain consistent bedtime, increase your daily step count, limit your screen-time, take a bubble bath, and anything else that you find beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

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