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Martensville Fire Department Battled Two Day Fire on Highway 12

by Shanine Sealey

The Martensville Fire Department (MFD) responded to a call regarding a fire at BN Metals on Highway 12 near Affiliated Auto at approximately 2pm on October 1st. The fire was considered extinguished on Saturday, October 4th and members left the scene that night at approximately 8pm.

The blaze was located within a garbage/recycling pile that was approximately 6000 square metres in size. In order to isolate the fire, an excavator, ran by personnel from BN Metals was used to put a break in the pile, which was done to help eliminate any chance of spreading to another area.

MFD Fire Chief Kurtis Dyck stated that they believe the fire started due to a spark or ember from a controlled burn taking place nearby. “That is what we believe at this time. Controlled burns take place regularly at this particular business and I am hoping that that will be something that is addressed once this is all done; however, that is out of my hands,” Dyck said.

When speaking to Deputy Fire Chief Dean Brooman, he noted that the MFD has responded to fires from this business previously in the past; however, none to the same severity. Controlled burns are permitted and can be called into Corman Park or to the province. “The key word is controlled. People need to take reasonable measures to ensure that it will stay controlled,” Brooman explained.

The MFD had assistance from fire crews in Dalmeny, Warman and Saskatoon; as well as from the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency out of Prince Albert, who sent man power and equipment.

Members of the MFD worked on four hour rotations to get the blaze under control. “Initially, we had a lot of man power on the scene until we felt that we had the fire contained. Then we released them,” Dyck explained. MFD members were rotating on four hour shifts. Extinguishing was being done by the Martensville Fire Department, with the Dalmeny and Warman Fire Departments supplying water with tankers.

Dyck also explained that the MFD was following recommendations from Sask Environment and the Ministry of Environment regarding water runoff and air quality due to the thick plume of smoke that could be seen from kilometres away.

“We are very happy with our department and the response of our members. It was a long few days, but our members committed themselves and did really well,” Brooman said. “I would also like to acknowledge the community. We had people stopping by to bring us lunch, coffee and donuts, and ice cream, so thank you for that support. We love serving our community and things like that are greatly appreciated.” Brooman also extended a thank you to the business owner located north of BN Metals who provided access to his property to stage the trucks and battle the fire, as well as use of his business and washroom. “Honestly, things like that are such a huge help. We are grateful that he opened his place up to us like that.”

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