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Martensville & District Kinettes are Recruiting New Members

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

The Martensville & District Kinettes is a non-profit service club that is new to Martensville since 2019, serving the community’s greatest needs.

They not only do work in the community but also concentrate on fellowship and fun, and members are welcome from any community surrounding Martensville. They have social outings and love spending time together.

The Kinettes have been very fortunate this past year helping the community by hosting Gord Bamford on his Kick Covid tour, then organizing a Santa Tour this past Christmas season.

Through Adopt a Family, they were able to provide a little something extra at Christmas time for seven local families.
KIN kids offered up their raking services and a Toy Bingo was hosted adding to their total of over $6,400 raised for TeleMiracle 47.

On KIN Canada Kindness Day they donated t-shirts to the Barn Burner Hockey Camp. Throughout the year they were graciously welcomed into the local Senior Homes to host a bingo night once a month offering some delicious prizes!

“A huge thank you goes out to our community for your continued support, to those who attend fundraising events, support our projects as sponsors, community members who make donations and those who share the word about our fundraisers, we appreciate everything you do and couldn’t do it without you,” said member Jamie Dowling.

If you are interested in becoming a club member, you can email martensvillekinettes@gmail.com, message them on Facebook, or call Jodie, 306-361-9575 or Tracy at 306-280-1833.

They are also hosting a recruitment night on Tuesday, April 25th at 7pm at Caesar Mill where you will be able to hear more of what this amazing group is all about.

There will be snacks and drink specials as well as a prize draw for those in attendance for a gift card to the Caesar Mill.

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