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Martensville City Hall Set to Reopen to the Public on April 16th

by City of Martensville

After a lengthy period of repair and restoration, City Hall is set to open its doors to the public again on Monday April 16th at its 37 Centennial Dr. S location.

Martensville’s City Hall building has been closed for the past six months as a result of a major water main break that caused substantial flooding in the building and resulted in major damage throughout the building. Restoration or repair of walls, flooring, furniture, millwork as well mechanical and electrical systems were all part of the project to bring the building back to its former state. Costs for clean-up, restoration and moving are covered through the City’s Insurance Policy and will have no negative impact on the City’s financial position or budget.

Since October 16th, City Hall has been operating at the former Super Valu grocery store located at 41 Centennial Dr. N adding many short-term measures in order to carry out day to day services, transactions and inquiries. Regular Council and Committee of the Whole meetings were conducted at the Canalta Hotel Conference Room.

Administrative services will be interrupted on April 12th and 13th to accommodate the move from the Super Valu location back to City Hall. Interrupted services include phone systems to City Hall as well as payment and administration of property tax and utility services. Day to day operations by Roadways, Water and Sewer, and Parks and Recreation will carry out as normal. After hour emergency calls can continue to be directed through the main switch board for City Hall.

Mayor Kent Muench noted, “All the staff are excited to be getting back to City Hall and I believe our residents will be happy to see everything return to normal as well. We are appreciative of all the professionals that assisted us through the flood, establishing our temporary location, the remediation and now finally the move back to City Hall. We are also appreciative to our staff that continued to carry out their work diligently and professionally through less than ideal circumstances.”

The process for moving to City Hall will include the dismantling and moving all operations, as well as moving the entire civic file system and re-establishing work spaces, communications, and networks. All normal functions, operations and transactions will be in place for Monday morning on April 16th.

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