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Martensville Celebrates Culture Days

by Shanine Sealey

Culture Days, which is a national celebration of arts and culture is coming to Martensville once again and will offer an array of activities for all ages to take part in. This year, the City of Martensville will be offering four main events throughout the month of October, which will include wood carving/soap carving on October 2nd, Salsa dancing on October 2nd, Pierogi making workshop on October 7th and to wrap up Culture Days, Wanuskewin will be coming on October 24th with traditional programming and games, as well as a dancer that will do a live performance.

“Culture Days is all about sharing and connecting with others and being able to learn from one another. With our diverse community, not only in Martensville but all over Canada, Culture Days helps facilitate understanding and acceptance,” Jamie McCulloch, City of Martensville Recreation Coordinator II, said.
Although Culture Days has been a national celebration for many years, the City of Martensville didn’t begin offering events and activities until approximately five years ago.

“We try and create new experiences each year that get people out, learning and interacting with their neighbors and community,” McCulloch added.

All programs provided through Culture Days are free to participate in; however, they do require people to register beforehand, which can be done online at www.martensville.ca, or by calling the Martensville Athletic Pavilion (MAP).

For the City of Martensville, they feel it is important of provide multiple programming options for various ages. “Everyone has different interests and the more variety we can offer, the more likely it is we can reach a broader audience and get people involved in Culture Days. Come out, learn some new skills, dances, and make some delicious food! It is a month-long celebration, and we cannot wait for it to start.”

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