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Martensville Building & Home Supply Believes in the Power of Supporting Local

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville Building & Home Supply has been an integral component within the community for many years. In October of 2006, owner Anthony Nienhuis purchased the company, and since then, the business has consistently grown in size.

Cameron Tooth, a journeyman carpenter by trade, came in as Manager of Martensville Building & Home Supply in January of 2014. Tooth, who had worked with Nienhuis within his construction company prior to the move, is now heavily involved in the day to day operations of the business. “It is a big difference from going to the job site each day. Since I have taken over the day to day operations, there have been a lot of changes. We have added a new plumbing and electrical section, now stocking interior and exterior doors, stocking Trex decking and expanded our landscape section with more concrete and recycled products for our customers. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the business, bring in more customers and have more products available for those customers,” Tooth said.

With a wide array of product available and items that customers may not even know are available to them, Martensville Bldg. & Home Supply is your one stop shop for everything you need to complete any project at home or on the jobsite. Offering a range of options when it comes to windows, doors, decking, concrete, patio blocks, curbs, ramps, lumber, paint, plumbing, electrical and much more, you can be sure to find the product you require at a competitive rate. “There are things that we have here that other places don’t carry, and those items are usually better priced and a better quality product,” Mike Smith of Martensville Bldg. & Home Supply explained. If they don’t have an item on hand, they will ensure that they order it in for their customers. Additionally, the business offers a supply of ‘Dutch Delight’ products, which includes gift items, food items and more.

Believing strongly in offering the best quality items for their customers at the best price possible, both Tooth and Smith work hard to ensure that themselves, and the staff at Martensville Bldg. provide the absolute best customer service that they can. “We like to look at it as a start to finish business. We can provide everything you need for any project. If you are building a house, we can do everything from getting the footing in the ground to landscaping your fire pit in the backyard and all things in between,” Smith stated.

With Tooth having an extensive background in construction, and Smith having spent over 20 years working within the industry, customers at Martensville Bldg. are provided not only with product required, but with the knowledge to help them complete their projects. “We have more knowledge than most places have when you go to buy items. We can provide information using our own personal experience and knowledge. We have a lot more invested than just showing up to work and we enjoy helping our customers and being able to see their finished projects and the pride that they have when they complete it,” Tooth stated. “We love when we run into people when we are out and about and they tell us about their projects. People often watch shows and see projects being done, so they have an idea of what they want it to look like in the end, but they don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. If they come in to talk to us, there is a good chance that we can not only figure it out, but supply them with everything they need and get that stuff to their house so they can get that project done,” Smith added.

Being a big believer in supporting local, a total of twelve local residents are employed at Martensville Bldg. In addition, the business regularly sponsors local sports, events, fundraisers, facilities and more. “You can always see the businesses that have their name in the community and promote and support the local organizations, sports, etc. Yes, people can go to Saskatoon to shop for items, but by supporting these local businesses, these are the people that are helping to support our rink, our sports fields, our fundraisers. To us, that’s important…it’s about community,” Smith noted. “Even though we are a bigger city now, we have managed to maintain that small town feeling and I think that makes Martensville a great place to live. People move here for that,” Tooth added.

With already competitive prices in place, Martensville Building & Home Supply has regular sales in place, to provide customers with an even lower rate. Also, each month a new draw is held and if customers spend $100 in store, they are automatically entered to win. More details can be found on the ‘Martensville Building & Home Supply’ Facebook page.
Martensville Building & Home Supply is located at 601 Centennial Drive South, and can be reached at (306) 934-6610, or more information can be found be visiting http://martensvillebuilding.com. 

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