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Martensville Aquatic Centre Offers Additional Fun Every Friday

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

The Recreation Program for the City of Martensville is always thinking of new, fun things for our community to do and one of them can be found at the Martensville Aquatic Centre every Friday.

“The City was able to purchase some inflatable water structures called Wibits, and each Friday they are set up in the pool for the public to use and enjoy,” said City of Martensville’s Recreation Program Coordinator II, Jamie McCulloch.

McCulloch stated that the Wibits are set up in the deep end of the pool and those who are using them can race each other from one side to the other. The Wibits include a climbing wall, a slide, and other obstacle course elements. There are some rules when it comes to the Wibits such as only 10 people on them at a time, and life jackets are required for those who do not have their Swim Kids Level 6.

For those of you looking for something to do, head on down to the Martensville Aquatic every Friday this summer for Wibit fun!

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