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Major Fundraiser For Local KidSport Program Cancelled Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

by Shanine Sealey

There have been many changes taking place over the past month with our regular lives being modified into a new “normal”. Many of the annual events that take place in Saskatoon and area have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation and closer to home for Martensville residents, one cancellation that is forced to happen will create a sad situation for many local youth.

Each year, the Martensville & Warman KidSport programs see much of their funds come via their annual playhouse fundraiser. With a partnership between local businesses and Martensville High School, raffle tickets are sold with the grand prize winner receiving a beautiful playhouse constructed by our own high school students.

The money that is raised goes towards helping local families with financial support to ensure that children aged 18 and under can participate in organized sports.

Earlier this month, a difficult decision was made to cancel the playhouse fundraiser for this year. “We worked on trying to sort out all of the details, but the major factor for us was the fact that with the school being shut down, the students couldn’t continue working on the playhouse and we don’t have a finished project,” Angie Reddekopp, City of Martensville Program Coordinator, stated.

Richard Reimer of Boyes Group Realty Inc. was set to be the major sponsor for the playhouse fundraiser this year, with the Martensville & District Kinette Club and the Warman & Area Optimist Club jumping on board to help sell tickets. The Martensville A&W location, as well as the Martensville and District Lions Club were once again set to be major contributors for this fundraiser. “We had a really good core group set up this year to help sell tickets, so hopefully those partnerships and relationships continue moving forward and we can plan to start earlier next year and really push to get those funds in our account to help those kids get involved in sports, who otherwise would not be able to,” Reddekopp added.

Reddekopp noted that they have been contacting individuals that have already purchased tickets offering a refund, and has been really grateful that many of the people have asked that the money be kept as a donation. “Any amount of money that we can raise will be helpful. It looks like at most, we will be lucky to make $1000 as opposed to the $12 to $13 thousand that we would normally bring in through this fundraiser. It is a huge hit to the program and if things return to normal come fall, we won’t have the funds that we normally do, so it will be a struggle to help people this year.”

Although there has been a drop in applications this year with organized sports being cancelled this spring, fall is where the KidSport program sees one of their biggest pushes with hockey and cheerleading, among other sports being held.
Despite the playhouse fundrasier being cancelled, those interested can still contribute to the local KidSport program as donations are accepted at any time. Donations that are over $20 will receive a tax receipt. In the past donations have been made as a memorial, as a donation in lieu of a gift for an individual, by businesses who are Corporate Friends of KidSport and more. Donations can be made via cash or cheque.

“Once things get back to normal, we will have a lot of kids that are excited to get back into a routine of being part of a team and being with their friends and hanging out as a community, so we would love to be able to ensure that we can make that a reality for them.”

Contact Angie Reddekopp for more information at (306) 683-5577 or recprograms@martensville.ca.

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