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M-ville Collective Health and Wellness Now Offers Faster Lab Results

by Shanine Sealey
doctor in lab

Since opening the Martensville Collective Health and Wellness Clinic in 2014, Allison and Trevor Adamus and team have been kept busy as they continue to provide multidisciplinary care to our city. The team at the clinic, located at 531 Centennial Dr. N, are both educated and experienced, providing great care to their patients. The clinic consists of two physicians, Dr. Amanda Walker and Dr. Allison Adamus. Both physicians worked hard to achieve their medical degree and went on to specialize in Family Medicine. Another member of the clinic is physiotherapist, Trevor Adamus. Adamus worked to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Saskatchewan and his Clinical Masters in Manipulative Physical Therapy from the University of Western Toronto. Adamus has since continued to further his education with multiple certifications in the practice. The clinic has seen the need for family physicians as just last year there was only one available, Dr. Allison Adamus, who was tending to the growing population of Martensville. The clinic continues to search for additional available physicians to work in Martensville. “We are actively working on recruitment of physicians. We have been in contact with local and international physicians who are interested in joining us and are hopeful that this may mean expanding our team in about one years’ time,” informed Dr. Allison Adamus. Adamus is hoping to host a recruitment event for Martensville in the near future in order to welcome upcoming family doctors and showcase the clinic as well as the community. “There’s a lot of competition between communities for physicians, so I hope as a community we can put our best foot forward, pull together, and shine” said Adamus.

Upon opening in 2014, there were only two days of the week dedicated to lab pick-ups and drop-offs. This means that any lab samples from the clinic (urine samples, throat swabs, etc.) were only taken into the lab two days a week unless one of the clinic’s physicians were to drive them in themselves or sent in to the lab by bus. Given the low number of physicians available, this simply was not a realistic feat. “There were significant delays in the processing of lab samples and communication of those results to the patient. As physicians we often had to practice “like the good old days” as we knew our lab results would not be back to make timely clinical decisions, sometimes not coming back until nearly a week later,” informed Adamus. Thankfully now, the closure of STC has resulted in Dynacare offering to pick up the clinic’s lab samples on a day to day basis. The Martensville clinic is now able to provide more accurate and efficient diagnoses and treatments, bettering patient care within our city.

The Martensville Collective Health and Wellness Clinic expanded its services to the Diamond House Personal Care Home in Warman since its opening last fall. The carehome is now well established and continues to grow. Martensville Collective Health and Wellness chose to dedicate a clinic day within the home with the provided space. “We have been joined by a pharmacist from Diamond Pharmacy most clinic days, which, together with the resident’s nurse, provides the residents with multidisciplinary care,” stated Adamus. “The teamwork has enabled us to provide more complete care to the residents, and gives us a sense of fulfillment in our professions.” Martensville Collective Health and Wellness Clinic also provide walk-in services on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-8:30 p.m. as well as Friday from 8:40 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For more information about the services this clinic provides visit their website at www.martensvillecollectivehealthandwellness.ca.

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