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Locally Owned and Operated Tack’d Cannabis Celebrates Grand Opening

by Shanine Sealey

Martensville resident Trish Girard is proud to be the Founder and CEO of Martensville’s newest business – Tack’d Cannabis, which opened on April 5th at 7 – 40 Centennial Drive North.

Girard, who grew up in a rural farming community states that it was there that she learned the importance of culture built around close family and community.

“I’ve spent my time working to recreate this culture in the businesses I’ve created in the retail sector, and when my brother introduced the family farm to growing industrial hemp for CBD oil products, I knew this was my chance to come full circle and bring my experience back home,” Girard explained.

Tack’d Cannabis will have a wide variety of CBD and Cannabis products available to their customers, and Girard also noted that she is currently in the initial stages of designing her own line of Tack’d Cannabis products.

“We want our store to be welcoming to all ages, 19 and up, and to make sure each customer leaves with the products they love, or a better understanding of the cannabis industry. There are so many new products that it may be overwhelming for some customers. We have taken a different approach and have menu boards next to our displays so that people can see what the product looks like and the product details such as whether it is sativa or indica, high THC or no THC,” Girard said.

Girard’s favorite addition is the Bud Bar display in the middle of the store, which gives customers the option to smell and see the different types of cannabis through a magnifying glass.

With family being such an important part of Girard’s life, the reasoning behind the name of her business was a natural choice, so she looked to her family for inspiration – T – Trish, A – Girard’s daughter Ava, C – Girard’s husband Chris, K – Girard’s son Kiefer and D – Girard’s eldest son Deacon.

“My dream to combine family with entrepreneurship has come true and I am going to continue to work hard to grow and expand across Saskatchewan so I can showcase all of the hardworking Saskatchewan farming families that have made this possible for me and so many others,” Girard stated.

For more information, visit www.tackdcannabis.ca, or visit ‘Tack’d Cannabis’ on Facebook.

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