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Local Women Team Up To Provide Opportunity For Residents to Help Support One Another During Pandemic

by Shanine Sealey

Two Martensville residents decided that they wanted to use their resources in order to help others within the community. Janice Eliason and Shauntelle Cox are both independent Epicure consultants that came together to provide support for those in need during the trying times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Eliason, there had been a concern in place for those that may be struggling these past few months. “I have been a supporter of the Martensville Free Pantry for some time now because I love the idea that it stays local and helps people in our own community. With the location of the Free Pantry being closed due to COVID-19, there has not been access to it and it is a concern because there is such a need for it. We decided that we wanted to do something to help and felt that by doing it together, we could make it that much more successful.”

Epicure is a Canadian company and Eliason explained that they provide opportunity to do fundraisers. For this particular fundraiser, those participating can purchase a $25 meal collection and Epicure will donate $10 from every meal collection to the Martensville Free Pantry.

“Our initial goal was to sell 50 of the meal collections, which would then provide $500 to the Martensville Free Pantry,” Eliason said. By Tuesday, July 14, the goal was surpassed and due to the request for more orders, the two women have decided to keep the fundraiser open for one more week. To place an order visit ‘Fill the Martensville Free Pantry’ on Facebook.

“The amount of generosity that we have seen is just incredible. We were actually a little surprised by it because we have had people donating the meal collections back to the Martensville Free Pantry, as well as donating money to the fundraiser as well. It has been really nice to see,” Eliason stated.

The money raised will be used to help stock the Martensville Free Pantry with food and supplies for those that are in need. Eliason noted that they had plans to meet with the Martensville Free Pantry Committee to make final arrangements.

“We have heard from a lot of people that they wanted to do something to help others, but weren’t sure how to help, so we are really happy that this gave them an opportunity to give back to the community. We might be a small city, but there is still such a need for it here and people have been so generous. We just want to say thank you to everyone for the tremendous support.”

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