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Local Resident Hosting Unique Fundraiser in Honour of Late Mother-in-Law

by Shanine Sealey

https://martensvillemessenger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/zaxx386.jpgMartensville resident Geoff Baker is planning a unique online event to raise money in support of the Canadian Cancer Society in honour of his late mother-in-law.

The event will be a “24-Hours for Brain Cancer Research” fundraiser, with all money raised going towards helping patients and their families through life-saving research, support services and other important work to help ensure fewer Canadians will be touched by the disease. On November 13, 2020 Baker will use his channel on Twitch to host a 24-hour live stream to raise funds.

“Twitch is an online live video platform and one of the originators of live streaming. Streamers create their own channels and produce live content for viewers to be entertained. Unlike traditional TV, Twitch is both live and interactive,” Baker explained.

Those participating through Twitch can communicate with the streamer in real time via a running chat, along with other interactive elements to each channel. Baker added that streamer primarily creates content of themselves playing video games and interacts with viewers; however, there are a wide array of other talents available on Twitch, such as; painters, musicians, athletes and more. “It really is a special place that people need to experience to understand. It sounds boring to sit and watch someone else play a game, but for some viewers, it is a chance to talk to someone who speaks their gaming language, others are looking for a friend, still others want to learn how to be better at a particular game.”

During the event, the community will be discussing how their lives have been impacted by cancer, sharing stories, learning about brain cancer through facts and information provided by the Canadian Cancer Society and playing video games for 24 hours live streamed on Twitch. Baker explained that there will be unique ways for viewers to donate and popular games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc., will be played with challenges and prizes available for each. Other local streamers are invited to join Baker during the event to help increase awareness and spread the reach.

Baker has been following and watching streams on Twitch for years, and had always thought about starting his own channel. While others create a channel with the goal of turning it into a career, Baker wanted to create his to turn his hobby of playing video games into a positive way to interact with people and raise money for important causes.

Approximately three years ago, Baker’s mother-in-law lost her battle against brain cancer after fighting hard for three years. “She was the most kind and caring woman you would ever meet. Sylvia was a source of constant positivity and happiness and her diagnosis hit the family hard,” Baker said. The family cherishes the memories that they have of Sylvia and hopes that others can have more time with their loved ones which is why Baker is working hard to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“The goal is to give others what Sylvia lost; time. More time with loved ones, more time to make memories, more time to live. Cancer is a horrible disease that has impacted everyone in some way. We hope that this fundraiser can help with ongoing research to provide more time for others.”

Visit https://www.twitch.tv/zaxx386 for more information including details on how to support this unique online event. Here, you can connect to Baker’s event page with the Canadian Cancer Society to donate, or contact Baker at zaxx386@outlook.com to donate to him directly; however he is unable to issue a tax receipt. Baker added that he will personally match all donations up to $500 made through the stream.

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