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Local Resident Creates Free Library to Share Love of Reading in Community

by Shanine Sealey

Kim Emard has always loved books and has read voraciously from the moment she learned how. “I am always reading a book, or two. I believe that literacy is the most important skill we can learn, and fostering a love of reading is the best way to develop that skill,” Emard explained.

This love of books and reading has led Emard to her newest project, which is to create a free library on Martensville’s south end. The ‘Little Free Library on Glenview Cove’ will be located at 809 Glenview Cove and, will be celebrating the Grand Opening on August 28th from 2pm-3:30pm. Emard explained that this will be a casual “come and go” to celebrate the Little Library. For the kick-off, Emard will be handing out a limited amount of items to those that visit including handmade book sleeves, bookmarks and grab bags for the kids.

The new free library will be a “take a book, leave a book” exchange, with the idea that people can keep what they find, forever, for free. There are no late fees, or due dates. “People can also pay it forward by leaving books they no longer need in the library for others to find and enjoy,” Emard added.

The idea came after seeing ‘Tammy’s Little Library’ on Ewles Place in Martensville. This was Emard’s first encounter with this concept and was instantly something she was interested in being a part of.

“I grew up with low income with limited access to the library, especially when school was out in the summer, so the idea of books being available for free in the community just captured my little reader’s heart. It is such an incredible way to encourage literacy and a love of reading for all ages.”

Emard is looking forward to launching this project and is aiming towards having a diverse selection of books, which will include all genres and something for every age group. There are also plans to add themes seasonally around events and holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

“Through reading, we can also improve skills like speech, writing and vocabulary. I also believe that it is through stories that we learn the most about real life; what it means to be human and develop a sense of empathy that helps us make our world better.”

For more information and updates, follow ‘Little Free Library on Glenview Cove’ on Facebook. You can also message Emard through the Facebook page to arrange for book donations, feedback and any questions or concerns.

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