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Local Clinic Prepares for Arrival of Two New Physicians

by Shanine Sealey

Dr. Allison Adamus of the Martensville Collective Health and Wellness clinic is looking forward to the addition of two new doctors to the local practice in the upcoming months. Dr. Siwa Obishai and Dr. Matthew Wong will be joining the local practice, with Obishai coming from the United Kingdom and Dr. Wong coming from the Saskatoon Family Medicine Program. “The addition of two new doctors is just amazing and it means great things for our community and for our clinic and the services that we are able to provide,” Adamus said. Growing the clinic has been a goal of Adamus’ since inception in November of 2014, so to see that coming to fruition is an exciting moment for both the clinic and the community. “Everything that we do is a process and to do it right and to do it well always takes time so we can make sure that what we do bring in is sustainable.”

With this arrival, Adamus is happy to be able to serve more local residents, and to provide convenient healthcare within their own community, and not be required to commute to and from Saskatoon for doctor’s appointments.
Dr. Obishai will be the first to begin taking patients, as he will be joining the local clinic in mid-May. Adamus noted that residents may remember Martensville Collective Health and Wellness posting about Dr. Obishai on their Facebook page this past October. The potential doctor worked within the clinic for a week as he was touring various locations for possible employment. “He spent some time with us, and then toured other places and in the end, he decided that our community was the right one for him and his family,” Adamus said, adding that, “our community worked hard. They were very welcoming and he had a really good showing of what it is like to be a part of this city.”

Patients will have to wait until closer to the end of summer for the arrival of Dr. Wong, who will be coming to the community as a result of the fruits of labour Dr. Adamus and her crew put in approximately three to four years ago to have a contract changed within the Saskatoon Health Region to encourage doctors to practice within Martensville, despite it’s close vicinity to Saskatoon. “This is the first year that we have been eligible as a community and we were really lucky to have Dr. Wong join us under the new contract,” explained Adamus. Proud of the amount of work they did, the research and contacting government officials, Adamus is looking forward to some big changes coming to the local clinic in upcoming years. “With the addition of these two new physicians, hopefully that means we can branch out and start offering some other services that we have had our eyes on as well,” added Adamus. Although nothing is ready to be announced at this time, area residents can expect to see exiting announcements for MCHW in the future. “I am looking forward to things to come and I am excited for what this means for our community. I am so grateful to be a part of a community that pulls together and works with us to make things happen,” said Adamus.

With two doctors currently working at Martensville Collective and Wellness, this addition means they will be able to double their patient intake total. As the arrival of Dr. Obishai nears, MCHW has begun contacting patients that were already on the waiting list. Some time ago, they stopped adding patients to the list, as there was no anticipated arrival of any physicians. Once all of the names on the waiting list have been contacted, MCHW will begin taking information for new patients to join Dr. Obishai. Those interested in becoming a patient at MCHW can begin contacting the clinic as of May 1st to have their name added to the patient list. No patients will be accepted before this time.

Near the end of summer, plans to extend the walk-in clinic hours are already in place in order to better accommodate the community.

For information about Martensville Collective Health and Wellness, visit www.martensvillecollectivehealthandwellness.ca, call (306) 933-4110 or follow them on Facebook at ‘Martensville Collective Health and Wellness’ for updates on walk in waiting times and announcements.

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