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‘Little Women’, Big Talent

by Shanine Sealey

Each year, Martensville High School puts on a three night dessert theatre that is performed by students and each year, those that are lucky enough to purchase tickets prior to the event being sold out, is astonished at the caliber of talent that takes the stage.

This year’s performance was ‘Little Women’ and once again did not disappoint. The talented cast embraced their roles perfectly in order to portray the beloved characters from the classic novel. The March sisters, played by Katherine Daku (Meg), Grace Flegel (Josephine), Avery Smith (Beth) and Greta Strueby (Amy) came together perfectly to showcase the bond of sisterhood. The audience could feel the love felt between the sisters and the heartbreak that came following the death of their dear sister Beth. Flegel seemed to be at ease as she seamlessly portrayed the immensely independent Jo, who took it upon herself to be the “man” of the house while her father, played by Lucas Silbernagel, was away at war.

Tori Fehr, who portrayed Marmee, the girl’s mother, exuded a natural aura of maternal care for each of her daughters. The love and kindness that came from the entire family unit, including Hannah, the servant of the house played by Kierra Marshall, was obvious. The family looked at Hannah, not just as the help, but as a member of the family that they both loved and respected.

Emma Ens, who played Aunt March brought several bouts of laughter from the audience as she seamlessly portrayed a character far beyond her years. The same can be said for each of the cast members, as they each embraced their roles perfectly and made the audience quickly forget that they were in fact high school students.

The time and care that was put into each element of the performance was apparent from the costumes, the beautiful set, and the delicious dessert that was provided by Della Muench and the Home Economics 30 class.

Director Micah Robinson dedicates countless hours to each annual performance and it seems after each year, it is hard to imagine that it would be possible to maintain such quality; however, the cast, crew and everyone else that contributes, ensure that they bring their A game to the stage.

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