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Lengthy List of Local Businesses Jump on Board With MCRP Fundraiser

by Shanine Sealey

The Martensville Community Recreation Project (MCRP) have had many ideas on how to successfully raise money towards the construction of a new recreational facility within Martensville over the past six years, with the most recent one being the idea for a ‘community home build’. Throughout the years, they have managed to raise over $300,000 towards this project and show no signs of slowing down.

The idea for the community home build was first suggested several months ago. “Some members on our board had knowledge of other communities who had done home builds like this as a fundraiser, but also as a community give back opportunity. We knew that this kind of project had been very successful in other places and thought it was a great idea for the MCRP and the people of Martensville to have a chance to really get involved,” MCRP Board Member Matt Hale stated.
After making the formal decision to move ahead with the project, a sub-committee was created to help manage the build and contact potential donors to contribute to the build. Members of the committee include; Blaine Wotherspoon, Matt Hale, Joe Garchinski, Bartt Timms and John Mathison.

The home will be located on the corner of MacCormack Road and 4th Street South. Work on the property has already begun, and the MCRP is hopeful that the exterior construction of the home will be completed by the end of November. This will allow sub-trades to complete their work on the interior throughout the winter months. Final completion of the home is estimated for spring/summer of 2021.

The home will be listed just like any other new home, and will also have a new home warranty. “At this time, our intention is to list the home prior to its actual physical completion. The final value of the home is still being calculated, as we continue to see interest from businesses in the community who want to get involved and these donations and gifts in kind continue to have an effect on the homes total value. Once we know exactly how the home will be finished, we will be able to advise potential buyers of those finishing’s and if a party was interested, we would be able to sell the home prior to its final completion,” Hale explained.

When this project first began, the MCRP began by reaching out to friends, family and other close contacts within the business community, and it didn’t take long for word about the project to spread. Businesses from Martensville, Saskatoon and the surrounding area then began contacting members of the MCRP to see how they could get involved. “We have spoken to more than 50 businesses and so far every single one we have spoken to have indicated that they would like to be involved. The response has been absolutely amazing from everyone,” Hale said.

On Friday, September 11th, Geransky Brothers Construction, a contributor to the project, began to dig the basement. The company worked through the weekend, completing the excavation of the site, and as of Monday, September 14th, they began pouring concrete footings.

In addition to Geransky Brothers Construction, Hale noted that they have major support from Martensville Building & Home Supplies, who have been instrumental in providing a comprehensive lumber package for the build, as well as other materials required for the build. There are also multiple local plumbing, electrical, framing, finishing, concrete, drywall, flooring, insulating, craning, and fencing companies that are already on board. A complete list of those involved will be shared on a billboard at the construction site in the coming weeks.

“The list is rapidly growing and we sincerely appreciate the support from every business that is on board already. This is shaping up to be a very exciting community project and we, the MCRP, are very happy to be involved and able to help bring this together for the community,” Hale added.

PHOTO CAPTION: L-R; Matt Hale, Blaine Wotherspoon, Ryan Geransky and Corey Geransky. (Photo credit WMWhomes)

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