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Ladies Night Fundraiser Going Back to the 80’s

by Shanine Sealey

The annual Martensville Ladies Night fundraiser was held on Saturday, May 25th at North Ridge Community Centre. Approximately 180 women attended the event, which was an 80’s theme this year. All money raised from the event will be going to the Saskatchewan Rett Syndrome Association and towards a scholarship for a Martensville High School graduate.

According to organizer Tracey Lengyel, the Ladies Night Fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to raise money for Rett Syndrome, as it is something that mainly affects females. “Rett Syndrome is a genetic error on the X chromosome, which affects all abilities. It is like having cerebral palsy and autism all mixed in, with no speech abilities. It is something you are born with, and it is often misdiagnosed until they get older and different traits become apparent,” Lengyel said. “I really feel that this ladies night fundraiser event is perfect for our girls as Rett Syndrome mainly affects girls and the evening is all about ladies supporting one another and having fun,” added Lengyel.

The Ladies Night Committee, which consists of four mothers of children with Rett Syndrome were happy to raise an estimated $8000 for the Rett Syndrome Association and will be providing a $500 scholarship to a female graduate this year. “This year was a learning year for us, but I think we did great. We had great guidance from past organizer Paula Johnston and we also had some great helpers this year too,” organizer Tracey Lengyel said.

Without the help and support of many individuals and businesses, Lengyel noted that this event would not have been the success that it was. “I would like to thank Bree, Lindsay, Wendy, Paula, Nicole, Tammi, Lexa, the awesome volunteer servers and bartenders. I would also like to thank Saboroso for a fantastic meal and The Gong Show for rocking it out all night with us!” Additionally, the Ladies Night Committee would like to thank West Jet, JP Massage, Mr. Mikes, Affinity Credit Union, Canadian Linen, The Martensville Messenger and for everyone else that contributed to the event. “Without these people, our event would not be successful. It really does take a village.”

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