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Kinsmen Park Stocked with Fish

by Shanine Sealey

On Wednesday, May 26, Steve Cusson, owner/operator of Phobia Auto Care in Martensville and Saskatoon, along with help from his family and his ‘Phobia family’, stocked the pond in Kinsmen Park with fish. Cusson began stocking the pond several years ago in order to provide a recreational activity for local families. This year, due to fish dying off throughout the winter months, Cusson approached Martensville City Council with a suggestion for a windmill aerator to be installed, which will help add oxygen to the water when the ice is frozen. The aerator will be installed this fall. The trout that were added will require some time to grow before they will be large enough to fish. Cusson noted that this project always requires planning for approximately one year in advance.

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