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Kidpreneur Fair to Take Place April 27

by Shanine Sealey

On April 27th, a special event will be held at the Legends Centre in Warman. From 5pm-8pm, the Kidpreneur Fair will be held, an event which will showcase merchandise created by the local homeschool community. Children ranging in age from 4 to 16 will display their creations such as beanie hats, kombucha, doll clothing, swords and shields, jewelry, bookmarks, keychains, baking and much more.

Organizer Holly Fehr is looking forward to this year’s fair, as it will be the largest one yet. It all started three years ago when her two boys, who were ages 4 and 6 at the time, took advantage of the spring weather and took off outdoors. During their time outside, they decided to collect rocks, paint them and sell them out of their driveway. “These kids worked so hard all day, making signs, business cards and perfectly designing each stone. It was so fun to watch their creativity. By the time they were actually ready for the business to start, the sunny day had turned to a rainy day and there were not able to go through with their rock stand,” Fehr explained. It was there that she decided that it would be a great idea to talk to other parents within the homeschool community and provide an opportunity for their children to explore their creativity and learn about entrepreneurship. By the next year, they were hosting their first fair, which consisted of twelve tables, with everything from nail and face painting, homemade dog treats, maple syrup cookies made with syrup tapped from the students own trees, doll clothes, birdhouses, bath and beauty products and more. “It was a complete success, so this year I booked a slightly larger venue and opened it up even further to the homeschool community. We have just over 30 booths this spring and welcome the community to come out and support the kids,” Fehr added.

Lexi Barber, a 14 year old from Martensville, will be one of the vendors at the fair. Barber started her business, ‘Lexi’s Little Luxuries’ approximately one year ago and is excited to follow in her parent’s footsteps, as they operate a small family business. Through this experience, Lexi has become more confident when speaking with people and has learned the basics of business ownership, experiencing both the ups and downs. The most recent hiccup came when a batch of bath bombs she had planned on selling at the fair this year did not turn out as expected; however, she will have numerous other goods ready for purchase. “It makes me feel really good when someone sees an item of jewelry that they really love and buy it. They are happy, which makes me happy,” she stated. In addition to jewelry and flax seed hot and cold bags, Lexi also sells bath products and in order to do this, was required to register and provide paperwork to Health Canada, which she explained “was a little overwhelming, but I got it done.”

For anyone looking to support these young entrepreneurs, be sure to visit the Kidpreneuer Fair on April 27th upstairs at the Legends Centre in Warman. There is sure to be something for everyone!

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