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How to Keep Animals Safe in Winter

by Shanine Sealey

After an incident took place on Sunday, January 12th, when the weather outside was incredibly frigid, Kristine O’Brien, the owner/operator of Paws Republic Boarding, Training & Grooming Centre in Martensville, wanted to share information with local residents so if this situation arises again, they know who to call.

The incident that occurred involved a young puppy that had been left outside for hours without any shelter from the elements. A concerned individual felt that due to the cold temperatures, the animal could be in jeopardy.

In situations such as this, Martensville Bylaw can be contacted at (306) 229-6859. If it is after hours or the weekend, Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan can be contacted. “Our local bylaw team is always extremely helpful if there is a concern. They are following up with the people who left the dog out to help educate them,” O’Brien said.

According to the Animal Protection Services website, the Animal Protection Act, 2018 is the law that is in place within the province to protect animals from abuse and distress. This Act states that no person shall cause an animal to be in distress and that no person responsible for an animal shall cause or permit the animal to be or continue to be in distress. Some examples of distress consist of an animal being deprived of food or water sufficient to maintain the animal in a state of good health; deprived of care or shelter; deprived of veterinary care or medical attention; in need of reasonable protection from injurious heat or cold; wounded, ill, in pain, suffering, abused or neglected; kept in conditions that are unsanitary, will significantly impair the animals health or well-being over time, cause the animal anxiety or suffering, or contravene the prescribed standards, codes of practice or guidelines; or abandoned by its owner or by a person responsible for the animal in a manner that causes, or is likely to cause distress resulting from any of all of the factors listed.

Some ways to help ensure your pet is comfortable during the bouts of cold weather include not leaving your pet unattended outside. If you do notice signs of distress, bring the animal to a warm place immediately and contact your veterinarian. If you take your pet with you while you are out and about, do not leave them in your vehicle for long periods. When going for a walk, ensure that your pet is on concrete and asphalt surfaces for short periods of time only and when coming inside, wipe their feet.

For more information about the Animal Protection Act, visit https://animalprotectionservices.ca/, or call 306-382-0002 or Toll Free 1-844-382-0002. Reports can be made anonomously by phone between the hours of 8am-5pm. After hours calls should be made to the local RCMP detachment.

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