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Kart Racers Seek Lease Extension

by Shanine Sealey

For the past year, Council has been working with the Saskatoon Kart Racers (SKR) regarding a lease extension of the track located in Martensville. In January of 2017, representatives from SKR presented at Council, looking for a long-term lease extension, which was not something that Council was in favor of. Instead, Council suggested extending their current lease, which expires May 31, 2022, by a five year term. In October of 2017, SKR requested that the five years be extended onto their lease. Council had some questions regarding capital improvements and lease rate. This past November, the representatives from Kart Racers, proposed that they would resurface the track, replace curbing and increase the lease rate effective on the extension date. By extending the lease, it will provide the Kart Racers with more time to find a new location and it will improve the track for future use.

SKR is planning on working to get the improvements done as quickly as possible as they will be hosting the Western Canadian Kart Championship Series this summer, an event which will bring approximately 100 racers to the community. In a letter from David Campbell, the SKR President, to the City of Martensville, Campbell notes that the SKR take great pride in the location, working to ensure it is kept up throughout the summer months and that they recently planted 80 poplar trees around the track.

There were concerns about extending the lease due to complaints from residents that surround the track. Due to this concern, Council decided at the November Council meeting that they would take some time to collect feedback from the community before making a final decision on the matter. Feedback was accepted from December 13th to until January 10th via email, written correspondence or through the City website. All comments received were positive in nature, and in the summary, it was noted that there were numerous ‘out of town’ comments that reflected quite positively.

City administration proposed that Council approve the request for the lease extension providing that the requested improvements be completed during the 2018 season. If improvements are not completed, then the request would be denied. Time was a concern for the Saskatoon Kart Racers as they want to begin working on fundraising to help with the costs of the improvements as soon as possible.

Image Details: Racers compete during the 2017 Grand Prix. (www.saskatoonkartracers.com)

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