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Introduction to Counseling Corner’s Chantel Bode

by Shanine Sealey

Let’s start with an introduction today! I run a counselling office in Martensville, SK. You may have seen The Counselling Corner signs around town; you guessed it, that’s me! You may have also noticed another name on the signs, Chantal Gelinas. Two Chantel’s in one office, coincidence or subtlety planned to make things easy? I’ll let you decide.

I have a degree in social work (BSW., RSW) and certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy C-DBT. Mental illness is my jam! I enjoy working with clients to continue the fight against stigma surrounding mental illness by normalizing conversations, in addition to learning that mental illness does not define who you are. As you can probably guess, these articles will contain conversation surrounding mental illness such as, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and OCD, but will also include and not limited to conversation around setting appropriate boundaries, assertive communication, self-esteem, and challenging negative thinking.

I plan to approach each topic in a lighthearted and non-lectured manner. Some topics may be heavy, and a trigger warning notification may be present at the beginning of those articles. I have no doubt you will recognize my enthusiasm throughout these articles and grow to become just as enthusiastic as me! Ok, maybe not as enthusiastic haha. It has always been shared with me that I am a positive Pelly which comes out in my work, and I hope to extend it here.

Let’s leave it at that for today. PS: make someone smile every day, but never forget that you are someone too.

Until next time – Chantel Bode – The Counselling Corner

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