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Increasing Physical Literacy in Martensville

by Shanine Sealey

The City of Martensville Recreation Department is collaborating with Saskatchewan In Motion and working to increase physical activity in Martensville youth. This partnership was initially generated by the City of Martensville Recreation Master Plan, with one of the main items being focused on was improving physical literacy in the community. From here, the City was approached by representatives from In Motion regarding an initiative they wanted to focus on and everything fell into place. “It was absolutely perfect timing and we now have the perfect opportunity to try to increase the physical literacy in Martensville,” City of Martensville Program Coordinator Angie Reddekopp explained. Now, working together, the goal is to weave physical literacy into the community’s very essence with a goal of getting more kids, more active, more often, with their families, while making their vision of a healthy, active community a reality in Martensville.

The first step for this initiative is gathering information from the community to ensure that this plan is tailored to the community’s needs. “We want to gather data and learn from the residents what are the barriers regarding physical literacy in the community and what do people like. From there, we can move forward into increasing the opportunities for physical literacy with the results,” Reddekopp added. There are also plans to hold focus groups, as well as a ‘Moving Together’ symposium.

The need for increased physical literacy has become apparent to Reddekopp, especially with her firsthand view of physical activity within the community while working at the MAP. This January, a ‘Sportball’ program was initiated and through this program, there is a huge focus on physical literacy at a young age. “It is all about giving kids the motivation and the confidence to be able to really participate in any sport. This program is helping children feel comfortable, confident and motivated to be able to participate in a variety of different sports as they get older.”

Online surveys can be found at www.martensville.ca, or on Facebook at ‘City of Martensville Recreation’. You can also find the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HXYL6HZ. Surveys take approximately 5 to 10 minutes and the deadline for completion is February 16th.

Image Information: The Sportball program offered at the MAP teaches children a wide range of sport knowledge.
(North Saskatchewan Sportball Facebook Photo)

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