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Hot/Dry Conditions Causing Issues Across the Province

by Shanine Sealey

With another week of 30-degree temperature forecasted for Martensville and area, many residents across the province are looking for ways to escape the heat. Not only is the heatwave uncomfortable, but it is also causing much stress for farmers.

Saskatchewan has seen very little rainfall combined with long stretches of hot temperatures and this is causing significant damage to many crops across the province.

According to the most recent Saskatchewan crop report, crops are stunted, thin, yellowing in colour and are prematurely drying down in many areas of the province due to the heat stress and lack of moisture. The report also noted that significant rainfall is needed soon to allow crops to properly fill and avoid irreparable crop damage.

Additionally, the hot/dry conditions have created perfect conditions for wildfires in the province. This week, smoke from these fires made it’s way to the area causing a special air quality statement to be issued due to reduced visibilities and poor air quality.

As of Wednesday, July 14, there were 120 active fires in Saskatchewan with 31 of them being suppressed, but expected to grow in size. Residents from numerous northern communities have been evacuated due to the forest fires.

On July 2nd, the Government of Saskatchewan issued a province-wide fire ban for Crown lands, provincial parks and the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District due to extreme fire risk. This ban includes open fires, controlled burns and fireworks.

Anyone who spots a wildfire can call 1-800-667-9660, dial 9-1-1 or contact their closest SPSA Forest Protection Area office. People can find the latest fire risk maps and municipal fire ban map at www.saskatchewan.ca/fire.

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