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Hope & Healing Centre Approaches City Council

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

City Council was approached by Jenna Morgan, Life Coach Strategic Intervention, to develop a Hope & Healing Centre in Martensville at the June 4th Regular Council Meeting.

Statistics show that 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and left untreated, it is the #1 cause of suicide and third leading cause of death among teenagers.

According to Morgan, depression is responsible for 850,000 deaths and each year 20% of adolescents will experience mental health problems, most commonly anxiety and depression.

Morgan approached council stating the need for mental health facilities within Canada and has approached the federal and provincial government in this regard. Her request is that they build a 22,000 square foot residential building in Martensville’s Lake Vista area which would allow 20 – 25 people at a time to go through the program where experts would come in to assist individuals through counseling and different forms of therapy. There would be laboratory services, aerobic activities and more. “My goal is to have this type of facility in each province in Canada before I die,” stated Morgan.

She is asking that the city allow this facility to be built in Martensville, that the city donate 10 acres of land, and that one council member would be on the board of this not-for-profit organization.

Council agreed there is a need for this type of facility and plan to have a round table discussion again at a future date to discuss this further.

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