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Gutek Inspires Younger Players

by Janine Hayward

Kody Gutek, a high school student at MHS, was chosen to travel to Arlington Texas as part of the U16 national football team in January. He was one of 40 athletes across Canada that were chosen to attend this event. The players went through a week of practices, meetings and film study that culminated in a Canada West versus Canada East game at Maverick Stadium at the University of Texas. He returned after the event and shared his experience with Maddog Bantam players to inspire them to achieve a higher level of football. He shared with them the commitment it takes to go farther and how with hard work and this commitment, any player could succeed. He encouraged the younger players to stay in shape all year round and register for off season camps. He also encouraged them to keep up with their studies in school. “It’s important to represent your team in a respectable manner”, commented Gutek about any team you belong to. “When you’re wearing a team logo any actions by you is seen as part of the team behaviour.” He went on to explain what a typical day would look like for the Team Canada players.

Gutek was part of the Saskatoon Minor Football Academy where he was scouted to join the U16 national team. The academy exposes players to a higher level of coaching and training. They provide 16 conditioning sessions and 16 on the field sessions. The Academy commences April 16 and players can register at Saskatoon Minor Football. This gives players an opportunity to play a higher level of football.
The Gutek family would like to thank those that sponsored Kody on his journey, Jen and Kyle Reagan, Craig, Tom, Gladys, Lois UTE, Infinity Salon and Spa, Maddogs Football and Wrench Fitness.

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