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Guardian Angel Helps Bring Cat Home

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

Quinn Avery said that her cat, Rey, had never gone further than her backyard or neighbors’ backyard before, when her cat went missing on October 9th. So after three days of Rey not coming home, Avery began to get worried.

“I posted on multiple missing pets groups on Facebook and went out every day around Martensville looking for her with no luck. Months went by and there was still no sign of her, so I started to give up hope, but was still holding on to it a little bit,” said Avery.

On the morning of Tuesday, January 11th, Avery decided to post her missing cat on Facebook one more time expecting to be disappointed again. She received a message from a lady by the name Colleen Wozney who said she thought she may have her cat. “I knew instantly that the cat in the picture was my Rey. I immediately started crying and called her.”

Wozney lives on a farm outside of Outlook and on October 31, 22 days after Rey went missing, she spotted a cat along the tree line outside her yard. She noticed the cat hopping on only three legs, picked her up and took her straight to the vet with a suspected broken leg. Weighing only four and a half pounds, the vet diagnosed her with a bad infection in her front leg.

Although they don’t know for sure, the assumption is that someone took her out in the middle of nowhere and dumped her off.

Avery is very grateful of her ‘guardian angel,’ who spotted her on the side of the road. Wozney took her in, gave her medical attention and the most amazing temporary home.

“On January 12th, we took the trip to Outlook to make sure it was her and bring her home. When we got to the house, she hid under the bed, which I don’t blame her because it had been three months. I knelt down beside the bed, called her name and she immediately came running to me. There were many happy tears, finally being reunited with the cat who’s been there for me through many hard times. She’s now back home with us and our house feels complete and full again.”

“Colleen was truly our guardian angel. We talked and talked about how crazy and amazing it was that I had an intuition to post one more time, and she just happened to see it.”

All vet costs were covered that Wozney paid for, and they plan to keep in contact with her with an open invitation to come visit Rey any time she wants, as they too have developed a bond to each other.

“I can’t express how grateful I will always be to her, and to all the people who shared my posts and encouraged me to never give up hope.”

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