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Greetings from École Holy Mary School!

by guest

If one month ago someone would have said that I was going to be the principal of an online school, I would have laughed! I like my computer but, like me, my staff are social beings and we LOVE our students! So, as soon as the COVID-19 suspension of face-to-face classes was announced, our École Holy Mary School staff began the steep learning curve of online teaching. Now, a mere two weeks in and we are up and running!

Each day we have over 300 students logging in, video chatting with their teachers and other classmates, offering prayer intentions, reading books, completing math assignments, writing in their journals, following along with work-out videos, asking questions and simply put, learning!

We recognize that each household is different and will engage with the work at their own pace, however, we couldn’t be more proud of what’s taken shape.

While the government has indicated that this supplemental learning is not mandatory, we are encouraging our families to do what they can to help their child continue their learning at home, as there remains much to learn yet this year. Teachers and other support staff are committed to help facilitating the learning, even if we can’t physically be with our students.

And as we started this journey, one of our guiding goals was to ensure that we were staying connected, to each other, our students and their families. As people of faith, this week is a very special time for us as it is Holy Week-the days leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! And so, in closing, I offer an Easter prayer of gratitude:

My Lord, Jesus,
You have risen to new life!
Give me new eyes with which to recognize your presence in the world around me.
Sharpen my vision so that I see
beyond the ordinary events of each
day and into the extraordinary
reality of your grace.
Brighten my view of the world
with renewed hope in the coming
of your Kingdom.
Soften my grace so that I view
others with the kind of tenderness
and compassion you showed to so many.
May each day of this Easter
season provide glimpses of your glory.
In your sacred name, we pray.
Holy Mary, patron Saint of our
school, pray for us.
~prayer by W. Sadlier~

Students of École Holy Mary School, we miss you but are so proud of the work you are doing! Keep it up! Take care and God bless!

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