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Grad Procession Sees Massive Support From Community

by guest

Submitted by Jennifer Meikle

Many hands and efforts went into making the 2020 Graduation Day/ week a memorable success! There are many groups to thank and acknowledge. The Martensville High School staff began the celebrations weeks ago. Each grad was given a sign to display in their yard. Graduates received invitations and programs in the mail to make sure each family was aware of the celebrations. They also provided each grad a walk across the stage and a photo op with diploma and rose in hand. Staff cheered as the grads sanitized and received their graduation packages. It was a teary moment for many. Grad day, a virtual grad was presented at 3:00 pm with the usual speeches, scholarships and awards. Following the ceremony, the staff made sure that awards and bursaries found their way to the graduates! They have also provided links to a picture drop box as well. Many, many thanks to the extra work the MHS staff put into the graduation events of 2020.

The Parent Committee worked together to provide unique events to make this years’ celebrations extra special. Once the Saskatchewan Health Authority approved our plan, we went to the Martensville City Council for permission to move ahead. Not only did the city grant approval to proceed with the procession and the fireworks, they generously helped to fund a spectacular fireworks event. Lexie Adrian – Bergen created the social media posts, and graduates from the parent committee quickly spread the word. The Fire department was on hand to help with a few sideways sparks. The Fire Department and the RCMP graciously led and concluded the grad procession as well. We are very thankful for their presence. We would also like to thank the photographers who took pictures of our students allowing us to keep the numbers of congregating families low. Our photographers were Charmaine McManus and Brent Terry. Lakeview Insurance in Martensville assisted us with our liability insurance needs. Brandt Tractor also graciously lent us trailers to any group who needed them. We had a few parents from the School Community Council, along with grade ten and eleven classes helping with the crowds along the path. A big thank you to everyone!

The night of the fireworks felt like the beginning of a true celebration. The grads could feel the excitement and support from the community. It was so nice to see physically distanced groups out enjoying the night. We are very thankful for our wonderful community! The streets were filled with hoots and cheers as our gorgeous grads took to the city streets. Small children and the elderly enjoyed seeing the grads, something that would not typically happen during a regular year. The fireworks, virtual grad and procession provided the graduation class of 2020 closure of a year that ended too quickly.
I cannot thank my fellow parent committee group enough! They were a dedicated, positive and focused group. Each problem that surfaced was quickly solved. With the leftover money raised, the committee is leaving behind a legacy piece which is to be determined. We have some great ideas, but it will take some time to put together.

It was a wonderful event and one that will not be forgotten any time soon!

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