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Get Prepared for ‘Cupid’s Quest’ and to ‘Unlock the Love’

by Shanine Sealey

The Prairie Spirit Schools Foundation (PSSF) and the Martensville & District Kinette Club have teamed up to help raise funds this winter. “2020 was a different and uncertain year for all of us and we are doing our best in 2021 to continue finding new ways to raise funds for the Foundation’s programs and innovative learning initiatives that benefit and support the students and teachers in the Prairie Spirit School Division,” PSSF Executive Director Kari Dean stated.

The creative new fundraising plan will be a special outdoor event taking place this February with the local Kinette Club, along with support from the City of Martensville. Money raised will go towards both the PSSF 2021 student learning initiatives and TeleMiracle 45 on behalf of the Kinettes.

From February 6-15, ‘Cupid’s Quest’ and ‘Unlock the Love’ will be taking place within the community. Cupid’s Quest will involve participants locating various Cupid’s Arrows throughout Martensville, with a total of 30 available to be found. All signs will be located outdoors and available for everyone in the community, as well as the general public to find.

“The arrows/signage will contain fun facts and information like: did you know?, can you find?, have you seen?, etc. as they apply to learning more about the Prairie Spirit Schools Foundation, the Martensville & District Kinettes and the City of Martensville. We encourage everyone to join in on the outdoor fun,” Dean explained.

On February 15 from 10am-3pm, everyone can continue with ‘Cupid’s Quest’ in addition to participating in the ‘Unlock the Love’ event. There will be a number of pre-set locations each with a location coordinate. The Start/End station, which will be shared that day, will provide the first location coordinate for the event.

“At each of the locations, participants will ‘unlock’ another letter to eventually form a word. Participants will use coordinates at each station to take them to the next ‘Unlock the Love’ location until the word is completed. They will then head back to the start/end station to collect a small prize; if they are one of the first 150 participants.”

Currently, the two organizations are looking for local businesses to come on board and help support this fun, family-friendly event with a $200 donation. Donations will be divided equally between the two organizations and supporters will receive a tax receipt. Those interested in getting involved are asked to contact psfoundation@spiritsd.ca by February 2nd.

More information about this event can be found on the PSSF website and social media channels, the Kinette Club’s social media and through the City of Martensville.

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