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Frequent Attempts at Telephone Scams in the Province


Since mid-October, numerous people have contacted the RCMP within the province after receiving phone calls from an individual advising that they have won prizes related to a lottery in Saskatchewan in support of an emergency services organization in the province. These types of lotteries are held every year in our province.

The scam goes as follows:

  • A male caller will tell the intended victim that they have won a significant amount of money and a new car,
  • The most common amount of money mentioned is $45,000, but it could vary,
  • The most common brand of car mentioned is a Ford Explorer, but it could vary,
  • The male caller will normally use a common English language name but has an Asian accent,
  • The intended victim will be told that the new car and a cheque will be delivered directly to their home,
  • The intended victim will be instructed to call a woman in North Dakota for further instructions, a name, address and phone number will be provided,
  • Upon contacting the woman, the intended victim will be instructed to wire money to pay for having the new vehicle towed to their residence.
    The most common amounts mentioned recently are $475 and/or $1,350. The intended victims are normally directed to the Post Office or a financial
    institution to send the money.

These scammers are very well trained and will have an answer prepared for any question the intended victim might ask, they are very convincing. Many people have been victimized by these types of scams in the past. The phone numbers that the scammers provide are computer generated and the calls are made over the internet. It is probable that these scammers are not located in Canada.

People in Saskatchewan who do win these types of lotteries are not charged money to claim their prizes. Seniors have regularly been targeted and have historically been more susceptible to these types of frauds. Please talk to your family members. If you receive a call like this and suspect it is a scam, please contact your local RCMP Detachment. You can also make a report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling 1-888-495-8501.

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