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First Annual ATV Show & Shine Comes to Martensville

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

Daryl Brandrick, Owner-Operator of Checkered Flag Automotive in Martensville, has been in business since April of 2016, and since then has continued to provide quality service in the automotive repair industry. They have seen several changes since initially taking over a portion of the building and expanding to the other side a short time later. In 2020, the building was refaced, and another addition was added on, as well as paving the parking lot which helped give them a better curb appeal.

Over the years, many customers who brought their vehicles in for repairs were asking if they could service ATV’s as well as they had no one to provide that service, so Brandrick felt there was a demand for it.

“When the other two bays became available, I decided to take those over and make it into an ATV repair shop, since I have been in the ATV sport forever. I set up a separate bay for selling parts and accessories and maintenance strictly for ATV’s, UTV’s and side by sides, and that is how Good Times Recreation started,” said Brandrick.

In the summer of 2021, the sign officially went up and has been going strong ever since. Their goal is to try to be able to accommodate everyone when it comes to service and parts for all ATV’s/UTV’s. Good Times Recreation can supply you with anything from suspension and steering parts, rebuild/repair kits, winter accessories, axles, tires and rims, and so much more on any make and model whether it has 2, 3 or 4 wheels and or tracks. They also sell aftermarket parts and accessories for all types of recreation and riding such as hunting, wet, dry and mud trails. They provide pick up and drop off of machines if you don’t have a trailer, and if you are local, there is no charge for this service.

On Saturday, April 9th, Good Times Recreation will be hosting their first ever ATV/UTV Show & Shine in Martensville. There will be local suppliers present as well as the most impressive icons in the ATV world.

“When talking about doing a Show and Shine, initially the goal was myself and a few close friends showing off some of the ATV and UTV’s and bringing recognition to the sport, but it really snowballed fast in the last two weeks and now we have 30 – 40 machines registered to come.”

There will be several ATV clubs, a social media announcer, and Boom Box Chicken will be serving lunch and snacks. “Some really big names in the industry will be here bringing their machines. People that are watched on youtube who provide their offroading skills and ATV videos, those guys are gonna be here and available for autographs, like David ‘OstaCruiser’ Ostapiw, who has a large Youtube channel and will be bringing his Russian Sherp. Jarett from Mud ‘N Wheels who builds upgraded differentials and power trains will also be here, as well as representation from UTV.”

They will be selling tickets for the many door prizes available and once the event is over, they will pick a local charity to support.

Brandrick’s main goal for this event is to bring awareness to the sport of ATV’s, what these machines can do, how far they have come, where it is going, and the size of the sport. “UTV side by sides have progressed immensely and people don’t understand what goes into them – they are a very high-end toy.

They resemble vehicles more and more with seatbelts, four wheel disc brakes, and have better suspension than most vehicles. Lots of communities and smaller centres allow them to be used as vehicles if they are registered and insured properly. People don’t realize that young kids can enjoy them as well, as they fit car seats, so you can strap them in and take them with you to enjoy the many trails in Saskatchewan. There’s thousands and thousands of trails in Saskatchewan that go unexplored every summer because people just don’t know how to access them.”

The Show & Shine will be in front of Checkered Flag at Bay #3, 109 Centennial Drive North from 10am – 4pm Saturday, April 9th, with many intense builds on display. Come on down and enter for a chance to win a door prize and meet some of the BIG names in the ATV/UTV world!

For more information on Good Times Recreation, you can visit their website at Goodtimesrecreation.com or atvrepair.ca, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. You can also call them at 306-227-3888.

ABOVE: Daryl Brandrick, Owner/Operatior of Good Times Recreation is hosting their First Annual ATV/UTV SHOW & SHINE which will be on Saturday, April 9th in front of Checkered Flag on Centennial Drive Martensville

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