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Fire Chief Kurtis Dyck Honoured for 30 Years of Service

by Shanine Sealey

This year commemorates a milestone for a well-known member of the community. Kurtis Dyck, Martensville Fire Department Fire Chief recently received a medal for 30 years of service on the local fire department.

Deputy Fire Chief Dean Brooman has been working alongside Dyck for 25 years, and stated that, “It has been an honour. He has been a great mentor, a great friend and it has been a pleasure to work with and for him. Kurt is a wealth of knowledge and has worked very hard for the City of Martensville.”

This 30 year journey began in 1990 when Dyck, who has lived in Martensville his whole life, decided to be more involved in the community and joined the Martensville Fire Department. At the time Dyck was living next door to the current fire chief, which was part of the inspiration to put his name in at the fire department.

“I worked at Martensville Service Centre, which was the gas station and mechanic shop here at the time. It was only a couple doors down from the fire hall and my employer let me leave work if a call came in, so I made a lot of calls for that first couple years. Especially during the day because I was available pretty much all of the time,” Dyck explained.
Following that first year on the fire department, Dyck decided that this was what he wanted to do for a career and took the required courses through SIAST and began applying in Saskatoon where he was hired on in 1992; 28 years later, Dyck is a Captain in Saskatoon.

Over 30 years, there have been many changes to Martensville, which means changes to the Martensville Fire Department, including an increase in members. Currently, the MFD has approximately 30 members and will be adding more members in the coming weeks. In addition to growing in size, the MFD is also constantly working at upgrading their equipment to ensure that they can provide the best protection to Martensville and surrounding areas.

Dyck, who became Fire Chief in December of 2012, explained that over the years, there have been highs and lows. “Sometimes it gets hard having to miss family events because there are lots of times that it pulls you away from different things.” When asked what keeps him going, despite the tough times, Dyck stated, “It’s kind of all I have known for 30 years. It is about making sure the community is protected.”

“Thank you to the community for all of their support for the Fire Department over the years and thank you to the members for their commitment to the department. They are always willing to learn and grow. We have a great group of guys there and I am very proud of them. Thank you to Council for their support and thank you to my family for supporting me over the years as well,” Dyck said.

Thank you to Kurtis Dyck for your dedication to the community and congratulations on 30 years of service on the Martensville Fire Department.

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