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Exclusive Fundraiser Captivates Audience with a Magical Night of Entertainment and Community Bonding

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

On Saturday, November 4th, an exclusive fundraising event was held at the Northridge Community Centre in Martensville. The evening was in support of Martensville’s Recreation Centre Project, KidSport and the new 15AA Marauder Hockey Team.

Guests were greeted at the door by members of the 15-year-old hockey team players dressed in suits who escorted everyone to their arranged seating for the evening.

A free cocktail provided by Lucky Bastard was offered for cocktail hour, as well as Great Western libations and captivating music by Kris Klyne, a local artist, who set the mood for everyone to enjoy themselves and mingle with the crowd.

A sumptuous plated dinner by the renowned Sports Page was provided, followed by a short program from the Marauders hockey team.

Players introduced themselves stating where they were from, what other interests they had, what position they played, and thanked their sponsors and the community. Janine Hayward accepted a cheque on behalf of the MCRP and Lace ‘Em Up Campaign for $1,500 presented by Broden Wotherspoon, captain of the U15AA Marauders provided from the fundraising event. Another $1,500 will be presented to KidSport this week.

Matt Gore, Entertainer and Magician, then took center stage. His charismatic presence had the crowd laughing and grabbed their attention with captivating tricks and mind-boggling illusions.

Following his performance, he continued to show his amazing talent as he went around to each of the tables in the crowd to show his sleight of hand card skills and tricks that continued to leave spectators in awe.

This magical night of unparalleled entertainment and camaraderie was an unforgettable evening filled with entertainment, delectable cuisine, and mostly, made a lasting impact on the young players who benefited from this event showing them how important community is and how everyone can benefit when community comes together.

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