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Doukhobor Dugout House Prepares for 2023 Season

by Shanine Sealey

The Doukhobor Dugout House is preparing for the 2023 season which will begin on July 1st from 10am-5pm. This year’s theme is ‘Variety of Cultures’, which celebrates everyone’s heritage. Those attending on opening day are invited to wear their own heritage traditions and share their stories and culture and will have free access to the site.

For those that haven’t been to the Doukhobor Dugout House before, it is located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River off of Highway 12 towards Blaine Lake. It will be open every Saturday throughout the month of July from 10am-5pm and offers a glimpse into the past and a chance to learn more about Saskatchewan history and the Russian Doukhobor immigrants that established this land in 1899 after fleeing their homeland.

The land consists of numerous historical sites such as the Doukhobor Prayer Home, Oospenia Spring, Doukhobor Banya, Leo Tolstoy House, Doukhobor Workshop, Dugout Houses and more, as well as a patio, museum and of course, Doukhobor bread. This year, there will also be live entertainment on the patio, so you can enjoy your food and beverages while enjoying the music and looking out over the beautiful landscape.

In 2013, the Doukhobor Dugout House was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada and in 2005, became a Provincial Heritage Property. The site is operated by Brenda Cheveldayoff, a Doukhobor descendant.

To learn more about this incredible piece of history, visit https://www.doukhobordugouthouse.com/, or plan to make the short drive out to see the area for yourself. It is sure to be a day filled with beautiful scenery, history, and delicious food.

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