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Dangerous/Impaired Driving

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A 19 year old man from North Battleford and a 22 year old woman from Christopher Lake are in custody facing a number of charges including Dangerous Driving and Impaired Driving.

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on March 2nd, 2018, Saskatoon Police were notified by the RCMP that they had received complaints from a number of motorists on Highway 12 about a truck proceeding in the direction of Saskatoon, exhibiting erratic driving behaviour including high rates of speed, swerving and passing on the shoulder. Unmarked SPS units were placed at the northern entrances into the city of Highways 11 and 12, in an effort to observe whether or not the truck was in fact traveling here. The vehicle was observed on entering the city on Highway 12 speeding and swerving. Unmarked units from Patrol and Canine began to follow the vehicle, observing that traffic volume southbound on Idylwyld Drive North and then eastbound on Circle Drive North had caused the vehicle to slow to the pace of traffic flow.

Concerned that the vehicle would begin to display the same erratic and dangerous driving behaviour at the first opportunity when traffic volume lightened, tire deflation devices were used. With the tires slowing flattening, the truck eventually came to a stop on Highway 11, just south of the Circle Drive South cloverleaf. The man and the woman were taken into custody without incident. A hearing with a Justice of the Peace will be conducted on March 3rd, 2018.

The RCMP were notified that the occupants had been apprehended in Saskatoon and Blaine Lake RCMP continue to investigate complaints that originated in their jurisdiction.

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