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Crop Report for September 18-24

by Government of Saskatchewan

Another wet and cool week has significantly slowed harvest operations in the province. Sixty-eight per cent of the crop is now in the bin, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report. The five-year (2013-17) average is 64 per cent for this time of year.

Rain was recorded throughout most of the province through the week. Up to 15 cm of snow was reported in some areas in the central regions.

Harvest is most advanced in the southwestern region, where 88 per cent of the crop is now combined. The southeastern region has 87 per cent combined, the west-central 59 per cent and the east-central region 58 per cent combined. The northeastern region has 34 per cent combined, while the northwestern region has 27 per cent combined.

Ninety-seven per cent of lentils, 96 per cent of field peas, 82 per cent of durum, 53 per cent of spring wheat, 48 per cent of canola and 28 per cent of flax has now been combined.

With the late-season rain and snow, topsoil moisture conditions have improved across the province. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as four per cent surplus, 58 per cent adequate, 32 per cent short and six per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as 48 per cent adequate, 42 per cent short and 10 per cent very short.

The majority of crop damage was due to lodging, while rain and snow caused quality loss.

A complete, printable version of the Crop Report is available online at http://www.saskatchewan.ca/crop-report.

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