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Council Sets 2019 Mill Rate & Levies

by City of Martensville

2019 Property Tax Levies were approved by City Council at the April 2,
2019 Regular Council meeting. Levies were established to meet budgeted revenues and are in
line with the 4% increase to property tax revenue approved in the City’s 2019 Operating Budget.
The budget was previously approved by City Council at the February 19, 2019 Regular Council

Property owners will receive their 2019 Tax Notices in the coming weeks, along with updated
assessment notices if there have been any changes to the valuation of their properties.
Increases will affect all properties differently dependent on assessment values. The average
residential property owner in Martensville can expect to see an increase in their property taxes
of $107.91 over 2018 or $9.00 per month. The average commercial property owner will have an
increase of approximately $279.66 or $23.32 per month. $30.00 of this total increase to all
property owners is attributed to the Garbage & Recycling Levy. This is the result of a 3%
increase in garbage and recycling pick-up costs from Loraas as well as account administration,
back-lane cleanup in the fall, and increased costs to maintain and monitor the City’s grass
clippings site.

The Notice of 2019 Property Tax Levies will appear as follows (2018 levies are listed for





On March 20, 2019, the Government of Saskatchewan’s Budget for 2019-2020 was released,
and it was confirmed that the education mill rates to be levied would remain unchanged from
2018. Those rates are 1.43 mills for agricultural property, 4.12 mills for residential and 6.27
mills for commercial/industrial. The City of Martensville levies and collects education property
taxes (EPT) on behalf of the province and remits monthly.

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