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Council Hears from Concerned Residents Regarding Alley

by Shanine Sealey

At the October 5, 2021 Martensville City Council meeting, there was a delegation from multiple Martensville residents that have been having issues regarding a small section of alley located on 2nd Avenue North. This section of the alley is positioned between two homes and leads to the back of homes located along Anna Crescent, only two of which have garages located within the alley.

According to the residents, there is a large amount of traffic that utilizes this alley to access the multiple condominiums located in this area and between traffic and garbage trucks, there is an excess of dust being created which leads to the homes within the area unable to open windows and having to wash vehicles and their houses quite often.

During the presentation, it was noted that many vehicles drive over the speed limit and that there are many close calls with vehicles turning out onto 2nd Avenue North into traffic from the alley.

Council was asked to consider multiple solutions to this issue, such as; applying a dust reduction coating, placing a stop sign at the end of the alley, installing additional speed limit signs, install speed bumps, or pave a small section of the roadway. Council will discuss this issue further at an upcoming meeting.

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