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Cougar Sighted in Dalmeny Park

by Shanine Sealey

On Friday, October 27th, a SaskAlert was issued regarding a cougar sighting in Dalmeny’s Jim Tooke Park on 5th Street and Ross Avenue at approximately 2:45 pm.

Dalmeny Police Service warned residents to be vigilant in monitoring their children’s activities and to be cautious when walking pets around the retention pond in the area. They also asked the public to contact them if there were additional sightings.

The alert was in effect for 48 hours and residents were reminded to avoid approaching the animal and to contact Dalmeny Police Service at (306) 254-2114.

According to information from the Government of Saskatchewan, cougars have large home ranges and males can travel over 50 kilometres in one day.

Featured image source: Government of Saskatchewan

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