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Corman Park Police Thank Public For Participating in Report Impaired Drivers (RID) Program


On April 18, Corman Park Police Service (CPPS) made an announcement thanking the public for their help when it comes to Reporting Impaired Drivers (RID), noting that thus far into 2021, there have been 43 individuals arrested for criminal impaired driving.

One of these arrests includes a RID call that took place on April 17 regarding a vehicle swerving and driving inconsistent speeds on Highway 16 near Marquis Drive. A traffic stop was conducted, the driver admitted to the consumption of alcohol and open alcohol was observed in the vehicle. The driver FAILED the approved screening device and was arrested. The driver was brought to Martensville RCMP and blew 130mgs% and 130 mgs% and was then released with a future court date.

Additionally, on April 14, at 8pm, CPPS responded to a call regarding a possible impaired driver travelling eastbound on Highway 16 near Lutheran Road. The caller followed the vehicle until police was able to intercept the vehicle. The driver showed signs of alcohol consumption and was requested to provide a sample of breath roadside. The driver failed on the roadside breath test and was transported to Martensville. The driver provided breath samples that had the reading of 240mg%, which is triple the legal limit. The driver was released with a court date in May.

On April 13, at approximately 9:30pm, CPPS noticed a truck on Highway 16 near Beam Road which was having issues maintaining its lane. A traffic stop was initiated in the Biz Hub. Police had the driver submit a breath sample into an approved screening device, which resulted in a fail. The driver was transported to Martensville where two samples of breath were taken resulting in readings of 190 mgs% and 170 mgs%. A Kindersley area man was released on a future court date with charges of impaired operation of a conveyance and impaired operation of a conveyance over .08.

RID is a road safety program that encourages the public to call 911 to report a suspected impaired driver. RID is organized through a partnership between SGI, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, various law enforcement agencies across the province and supported by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Drunk Driving. It was initiated as a pilot program in Saskatoon in March 2010 and grew to a province-wide program in November of 2011.

SGI reminds motorists that when it comes to reporting an impaired driver, it is important to pull over, state the location, report which direction the vehicle is travelling, describe the vehicle including; make, model, colour and license plate and state what type of driving behaviour you witnessed.

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