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Community Services Continue to Grow at the Civic Centre as Saskatchewan Health Authority and Martensville Free Pantry Take Tenancy

by City of Martensville

The City of Martensville is pleased to announce that children’s health services have moved from
the Martensville Baptist Church to the Martensville Civic Centre. The Child Health Clinic, run by
the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), provides immunizations along with general
development, nutrition, and health information. The Clinic will be open two to three days a week.
Speech Language Pathology services are also provided by the SHA one day per week at the
Civic Centre. Both services are being run out of Room #2, but in January, both will move to
Room #4.

North Network Director of Primary Health Care, Dylan Chipperfield, welcomes the news. “The
demand for services at Child Health Clinic has definitely grown in Martensville and in this region.
Having a fixed space at the Civic Centre will allow for better, more efficient access to services,
for both residents and the staff that work there.

In addition, after leaving the Civic Centre due to COVID-19, the Martensville Free Pantry is now
back at the Civic Centre operating out of Room #2. Volunteer and lead for the Free Pantry
Deseri Adrian is thankful to be back at the Civic Centre with a larger dedicated space where
people can drop off donations, volunteers can receive and stage donations, and clients can
receive hampers or bread. She says that prior to the pandemic, a hallway space with cupboards
was sufficient. “With the pandemic we saw an increased need for individuals and families to
need the Pantry more often, even entire hampers, on a regular basis.”

The Free Pantry already has plans to grow into a larger space in the new year to pursue
fundraising and food drive opportunities. They appreciate the City’s offering of the space for
these needed community services. “We have appreciated the City’s co-operation on the Free
Pantry initiative ever since the pantry started out here,” says Adrian. “This renewed support to
help the Pantry grow as the needs of the community change is so wonderful.”
Services at the Civic Centre now include:
• Child Health Clinic and Speech Language Pathology (currently Room #4 but moving to
Room #2 in January)
• Martensville Free Pantry (current in Room #2 but moving to Room #4 in January)
• Wheatland Library
• Puddle Jumpers Preschool
• Great Plains College

All programs and services located at the Civic Centre are following current COVID-19

Great Plains College opened space in the Civic Centre in 2019 and added more space in 2020.
It runs the Agricultural Science Certificate Program, Pre-12 and Adult Basic Education,
Essential Skills for Newcomers (Early Childhood Education and Continuing Care Assistant).

In the community’s early days, the Martensville Civic Centre served as a primary school. With
the services being offered there now, it will once again become a hub of activity for residents.

Mayor Kent Muench welcomes the changes he has seen at the Civic Centre over his tenure.
“It’s great to see the Civic Centre so busy, and especially to see that the space is being used to
provide much needed services that are aimed at health, wellness and education.”

On behalf of everyone at the City of Martensville, Muench welcomes the SHA and the Free
Pantry back to the Civic Centre. “We hope the services offered in this space make a positive
difference in our community; I know the community will rally around these great initiatives.”

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