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Close Call For Warman Family

by Shanine Sealey
Our firefighters

As the colder weather settles in and our furnaces are being kicked into high gear, it is important to remember the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and what you can do to help prevent this from happening in your home. Carbon Monoxide is found in the fumes that are produced from burning fuel in furnaces, gas ranges, fi replaces, vehicles, etc. and can be extremely dangerous when inhaled, poisoning and even killing people and animals that breathe it in. Symptoms of poisoning can include headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, and other fl u-like symptoms.Last month, a Warman family had an extremely close call with carbon

Last month, a Warman family had an extremely close call with carbon monoxide poisoning. On September 12th, Warman Fire Rescue received a call from a man who was on his way to work with a headache and a nauseous feeling. He reported that he was concerned for the well-being of his family. WFR encouraged the man to get to a hospital immediately and then made their way to the home. Upon arriving, they saw the man’s wife and two teenage children outside in the front yard. The doors and windows were open on the home, and the three were clearly in distress, reporting the same symptoms the man had described. The family was transported to the hospital and are expected to be fi ne. Upon further inspection, WFR discovered that the home had a leaking furnace that was producing what could have been a lethal amount of carbon monoxide. Inside the home, there was a carbon monoxide detector; however, it was not working.

Incidents such as this are a reminder of how important it is to check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that they are in good working order and to replace the batteries on a regular basis. It is also recommended to check all furnace filters, chimneys and piping for items that could be blocking them, and to hire a qualifi ed technician to service your equipment annually.

The MFD Roster

CHIEF/EMT – Kurtis Dyck
CAPT/RVFR – Bill Symons
CAPT/RVFR – Norm Hydamacka
CAPTAIN/EMT – Ryan Cross
CAPT/RVFR – Jason Marshall
LIEUTENANT/RVFR – Larry Sigfusson
FF/RVFR – Dean Christianson
FF/RVFR – Brendan Clancy
FF/RVFR – Chris Lavallee
FF/RVFR – Jason Matheson
FF/RVFR – Todd Mossop
FF/RVFR – Alex Rodriguez
FF/RVFR – Mike Smith
FF/RVFR – Bruce Romanow
FF/RVFR – James Taylor
FF/RVFR – Cory Baschuk
FF/PCP – Mike Anweiler
FF/RVFR – Russell Gerwing
FF/RVFR – Jason Kennon
FF/ACP – Jamie Rodrigues
FF/RVFR – Bradyn Dyck
FF/RVFR – Kyle McAleese
FF/RVFR – Dave Campbell
FF/PCP – Dustin Hollman
FF/RVFR – Brent Dupuis
FF/RVFR – Shane MacWhirter
FF/PCP – Heidi Huziek
FF/RVFR – Bryden Chillog
FF/RVFR – Brock Matzner

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