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City Winds Up First Year of Green Bin Pick Up

by Shanine Sealey

The new service for Martensville, which launched in July of this year, will be coming to an end for 2017. The Green Bin (Organics) service was offered from July to the end of November, with one remaining pick up left for each end of the City. South side pickup will take place November 21st and North side pickup will be on November 28th.

The curbside service, which was launched through Loraas Organics, is an optional program, which in upcoming years will run from May 1st to October 31st through subscription only. The cost to participate in this program is $10/month, which gets added to the City of Martensville utility bill. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to store their bins year round.

The purpose of this program is to further eliminate waste within the landfills, and green bins are for plant waste, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds & filters, egg shells, etc. It is not for items such as liquids, proteins, dairy, fat trimmings, oils, baked goods, coffee pods, bio plastics, glass, pet waste or metal. According to the Loraas website, “buried organic waste not only occupies valuable landfill space, it also produces methane gas when it decomposes – one of the most potent contributors to global warming.”

For more information on this program, or to subscribe for 2018, visit www.martensville.ca/pages/waste__recycling.html

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