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City Recognizes Volunteers For Their Contributions to the Community

by Shanine Sealey

Volunteer Appreciation Week takes place from April 18-24 and the City of Martensville is taking a moment each day to showcase some of the amazing volunteers that we have right here in our own community on their social media pages. In the past, a BBQ has been held as a thank you to the volunteers; however, due to COVID-19, this year, things will be done a little differently.

Mayor Kent Muench shared a message to the volunteers in the community, thanking them for everything they do. “Volunteers in our community are so incredible. You all do so much and give so much of your time, your effort, your experience and knowledge.” Muench also noted that his own family has benefited from the dedication of volunteers. “Our three boys had great experiences growing up here in Martensville, and in large part, it’s due to all the great experiences through volunteerism. Thank you, keep volunteering and Happy Volunteer Week,” Muench said.

For the past 20 years, Angela Reddekopp has worked for the City of Martensville and throughout that time, has seen so much growth when it comes to programs, activities, service groups and projects. It is thanks to the contributions of volunteers that make all that growth possible. “We have such a young, vibrant community that want to see all of these amenities and activities, which is amazing. Without those people taking time to volunteer, these things wouldn’t happen. Our community would therefore be more stagnant. It is because of those volunteers that make our community thrive and allows us to offer so many great things here,” Reddekopp stated.

Volunteers are the people that are on the field coaching your kids, leading groups like Scouts and Girl Guides, hosting events and activities, fundraising to help build a multi-purpose facility in the community, working hard within our schools and churches, and much more.

“I believe that you could talk to anyone in this community about volunteerism and I bet you that a huge percentage of them will have volunteered in some form for this community,” Reddekopp added.

Reddekopp noted that there are many communities that struggle to find people to step forward and volunteer for events and program; however, in Martensville, when a request is put out, there is usually a quick response. “For the most part the people in Martensville are open and willing to help, which is amazing and is huge for the community.”

If various programs and organizations did not have volunteers helping to run them, then they would not exist. “With something like Maddogs for example, if they weren’t operating, we wouldn’t have football in the community and people would be required to go elsewhere to play. Having these volunteers in place also takes a lot off of the City of Martensville and the Recreation Department. If we don’t have those volunteers in place, we look to fill that void with another option and that in turn takes away from other opportunities that we could be offering.”

“Thank you to all of the volunteers. Keep up the good work Martensville. We really appreciate everything that you do for our community,” Reddekopp said.

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