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City Offers Fun Way to Enjoy Martensville’s Parks This June

by Shanine Sealey

This month, the City of Martensville is providing an opportunity for local families to take part in some new activities and sports within the community, all while taking advantage of some of the beautiful park spaces within the city.

The Outdoor Family Park Program is for families within Martensville and is free for everyone, with all the necessary equipment provided by the City. The program will be offered from 6pm-7pm every Wednesday throughout the month of June and each week will feature a new activity at a different park such as pickleball, giant yard games, bouncy house, disc golf, tennis and basketball.

“This program is new to the City and hasn’t been offered in this format before. Throughout this pandemic, providing opportunities for families to get outside and enjoy their time together has been essential and this is just another way we can offer that to our community,” Jamie McCulloch, City of Martensville Program Coordinator, explained.

The activities planned were chosen for multiple reasons, with one being accessibility, so if families decide to continue playing, the cost to purchase their own equipment is relatively low. Secondly, these are activities that are already available within our parks and leisure spaces. “Martensville has a ton of outdoor spaces that are free for everyone to use, but are not always being utilized. We recently added pickleball lines to our outdoor courts, and the game of pickleball itself is one that all ages and skill levels can play and enjoy. The basketball and tennis courts are open every day and are great ways to get the family outside. We also have an amazing Disc Golf course in Kinsmen Park that can be used all year round and introducing more people to the sport will increase the usage of the course,” McCulloch said. “The reason why the bouncy house and giant yard games were chosen is because who doesn’t love playing games and jumping in a bouncy house,” McCulloch added.

All Saskatchewan Health Authority and Provincial guidelines will be followed, which includes frequent sanitization, mask usage and contact tracing sign in sheets. All programs will also allow for physical distancing and sanitization between uses.

This program is offered through a partnership with ParticipACTION, who help by providing funding for these types of initiatives within the community. As an added bonus, throughout the month, you can track all of your activity minutes on the ParticipACTION App for the Community Better Challenge.

“We hope to see you out at one of the Outdoor Family Park Programs this June!”

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