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City of Martensville Kicking Off 2022 With a Lazy Man Triathlon

by Shanine Sealey

The City of Martensville is bringing back the Lazy Man Triathlon (LMT) for the second time. The idea for this event originated from other organizations within the USA, and Recreation Coordinator Jamie McCulloch thought it would be a great addition within the community.

“In its first year, we had almost 40 people participate in the event, and we are hopeful we will get even more people participating this year,” McCulloch said.

The LMT will challenge participants to complete a typical triathlon which would consist of; 3.86km of swimming (80 laps), 180km of biking and 42km of walking/running. “We don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot to complete in a day, let alone a few hours. So instead, complete it at your own pace over the 31 days of January. It is a nice start to 2022 and will challenge everyone who participates to get moving each and every day in January,” McCulloch added.

There are three ways to participate and those interested can register online. The first option is to opt for the tracking and exercise sheets, which help you keep track for the LMT. This option is $5. Secondly, you can get the tracking and exercise sheet as well as the LMT event T-shirt, which is $20. The third option is to get the sheets, T-shirt, as well as a one-month membership to the Martensville Athletic Pavilion for the month of January, which is $55. Registration opened on November 15th, and for those looking to receive a T-shirt, you must register by December 1st in order to guarantee you receive it by January 1st.

“The Lazy Man Triathlon is for everyone no matter their fitness level, abilities, or age. The only words I have for people is why not? The worst possible outcome is that you do not finish the full LMT and that would be all right! No matter how much you complete to attempt, the important thing is you got up, moved your body, and hopefully had some fun along the way!”

For more information, tips/tricks and support from both current and past participants, visit the LMT Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LMTMartensville/.

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