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City of Martensville Weekly Update – May 24, 2018

by City of Martensville

2018 June Council Meeting Dates

Regular Council Meeting June 5th
Committee of the Whole June 12th
Regular Council Meeting June 19th

The Regular Council Meeting as well as all future meetings will resume back at Martensville City Hall Council Chambers located at Martensville City Hall – 37 Centennial Dr. S.

Those wishing to address or do a presentation to Council must be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda please contact the City Clerk’s office at City Hall or visit the website for details.

The full Council and Committee of the Whole Schedule can be obtained at  www.martensville.ca.

Library Closed for Maintenance

Note to patrons and residents, the Library will be closed for maintenance from May 2

2nd to Friday May 25th. We look forward to seeing you again on Saturday May 26th when we resume regular operating hours.

Thank You- Martensville Wheatland Regional Library

Landscaping or Working on Your Property This Summer? – Things You Should Know

Access to Private Property Through Open Spaces Bylaw
Due to damage to City property and failure to remedy damages; the City has created the Access to Private Pr

operty Through Open Spaces Bylaw. The City Traffic Control and Waste Bylaws have also been rewritten to set the provisions to access private property through City land.

Access to Private Property Through Open Spaces Bylaw 2-2016
Permit required
Any person or businesses that will be driving a vehicle or equipment over city open space to access private property are now required to apply for a permit prior to gaining access.

Section 6 (2) No person shall carry on the following activities in an open space area without a permit:
(a) leave or store personal property;
(b) set up a temporary shelter, tarp, canopy or other such device;
(c) drive or arrange for a vehicle or equipment to be driven through an open space area;

Traffic Bylaw – Dumping of Materials
Dumping of material onto city streets is not permitted, any material must be placed on the owner’s property unless permission is granted by the Director of Infrastructure and Planning or designate. Any person or any business who will be conducting work on or around city streets must setup a safe temporary traffic control zone.

Section 4 (f) Any person or company responsible for construction, construction equipment, or material within the highway/street must setup a safe temporary work traffic control zone. At the request of the Director of Infrastructure and Planning or designate a written work zone traffic control plan may be required prior to approval for installation and setup.

Waste Bylaw 18-2015
Work sites must have a bin/truck on site to dump their waste material into, to not leave material scattered around the work site or piled on the road way.

48. (1) Any owner or contractor carrying out the construction, alteration or demolition of a building, structure or landscaping on any property shall:
(a) place all waste into a waste container or enclosure;

For further information or questions about these bylaws or to see what you need prior to starting a project, please contact City Hall 931-2166

A Chance to Chat with Mayor and Council

Join us at City Hall on May 29th for cake and refreshments and meet with Mayor and Council and what plans are in store for the

community in 2018 and beyond. The event runs from 4:30PM to 7:30PM and we look forward to seeing you and listening to your questions and what things are important to you.

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